Industrial PhD

Application deadline

September 19, 2016 - 12:00pm

An Industrial PhD is a three-year industrially focused research project and PhD education which is carried out in a collaboration between a company, an Industrial PhD candidate and a university.

  • An Industrial PhD student is employed in the private sector company and enrolled at the university.
  • The private sector company applies for funding for the project from Innovation Fund Denmark, and the student is employed by the company and receives a salary during the entire Industrial PhD project.
  • The student shares her/his working time between the company and the university, and spends all the work time on the Industrial PhD project.

What do you get out of an Industrial PhD project?

  • The project allows the Industrial PhD to carry out a research project where results are applied in an enterprise setting.
  • The company gets a candidate able to carry out a high quality research project and create results that can lead to commercial gain. At the same time, the company strengthens its relations to existing and new collaboration partners at the university.
  • The public sector research institution strengthens its relations to the business sector, and a foundation for new research is created.
Latest Industrial PhD news

Deadline established for public sector Industrial PhD applications
The application deadline for public sector Industrial PhD is 10th October 2016 at 12 noon with final response no later than 2nd December.

The funds for Greenlandic and Faroese companies for 2015 and 2016 have been allocated
Normally, the Industrial PhD programme is only open to applications from Danish companies. However, in the national budget for 2015-2017 DKK 1.7 mill. is allocated annually for qualified applications from Greenlandic or Faroese companies. The funds for 2015 and 2016 have already been used. Information on the 2017 budget will follow.

Innovation Fund Denmark allocates 10 mill DKK for Industrial PhD projects in the public sector in 2016.
It is possible to apply for the funding at the deadline 19 September 12 pm.
Full details of approval criteria will be determined soon. Therefore, we cannot answer questions relating to this at the moment.
This also means that  the current guidelines for Industrial PhD for public sector Industrial PhD projects may be subject to change.

No more business courses at the moment
Until now it has been mandatory for all Industrial PhD students to participate in a business course. However, no more courses are held at the moment, and students who are yet to participate are thus exempted from participating. The course’s 7.5 ECTS-points can be used on another project relevant course.


Application deadlines

  • 7th of Mar. 2016 12 noon - final response beginning of May
  • 19th of Sep. 2016 12 noon (Industrial Postdoc and reg. Industrial PhD) - final response end of November
  • 10th of Oct. 2016 12 noon (public sector Industrial PhD) - final response beginning of December

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