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Comprehensive approach for part selection and business case development for additive manufacturing supported injection moulding 2019 - 2021 Region Sjælland Erhvervsforsker
Advancing biological solutions for biofouling 2019 - 2022 Region Hovedstaden Erhvervsforsker
A coherent approach to virtual assessments of structural robustness 2019 - 2021 Region Hovedstaden Erhvervsforsker
Optimisation and automation of underwater payload data processing using AI-based technologies 2019 - 2021 Region Hovedstaden Erhvervsforsker
Digitalisation of the Public Sector – Research and Innovation Projects International Collaborations int-s
Call for Proposals - Strategic Research Collaboration in the State of São Paulo, Brazil and Denmark International Collaborations int-s
Innofounder - Experienced (forår) Innofounder i-f
Indo-Danish research and innovation cooperation in the areas of “Bioresources and Secondary Agriculture” & “Cyber physical systems” International Collaborations int-s
Innofounder - Graduate (forår) Innofounder i-f
Særligt erhvervsforskeropslag: cirkulært byggeri Erhvervsforsker e-f
PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT: ERA PerMed joint call for proposals for ‘Personalised Medicine – Pre-/Clinical Research, Big Data and ICT, Implementation and User’s Perspective’ International Collaborations int-s