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Changes in sensory processing as biomarkers for dementia - the role of tau 2019 - 2019 Region Midtjylland
Electro-tactile hearing: Using tactile stimulation to improve music perception in cochlear implant users 2019 - 2021 Region Hovedstaden
Primer 2019 - 2021 Region Hovedstaden
JPND18 OPTIM-PARK - VIA University College, Faculty of Health 2019 - 2022 Region Midtjylland
Innofounder Experienced (efterår) Innofounder i-f
GlobalStars - EUREKA member countries and Singapore International Collaborations int-s
Offentlig ErhvervsPostdoc Erhvervsforsker e-f
Offentlig ErhvervsPhD Erhvervsforsker e-f
ITEA – EUREKA cluster call on software innovation International Collaborations int-s
BiodivERsA call on ‘Biodiversity and Climate Change’ International Collaborations int-s
Innofounder Graduate (efterår) Innofounder i-f
Landdistriktsvækstpilot Landdistriktsvækstpilot Vi tager løbende imod ansøgninger e-s
Innobooster Innobooster Vi tager løbende imod ansøgninger frem til 2. december kl. 12.00 i-b