International perspectives in the new mission-driven green research and innovation partnerships

26 August
13.00 - 14.30

Innovation Fund Denmark and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science are in cooperation hosting a webinar to inform how the Ministry’s global network of Innovation Centres can help facilitating the integration of international perspectives in the call for applications for the new mission-driven green research and innovation partnerships.  

The webinar will be conducted from 13:00 to 14:30 on Thursday, 26. August 2021

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13:00-13:15 - Introduction to the Innomissions, Scientific Officer Sune Dalgaard Ebbesen, Innovation Fund Denmark

13:15-13:30 – Introduction to the global Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK), Senior Advisor Karin Ilsøth Rasmussen, The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science

13:30-14:15 - Break-out sessions

  • Mission 1 & 2: Power-to-X and carbon capture, Innovation Attaché Torben Orla Nielsen, ICDK Boston, Innovation Attaché Ulrik Kjølsen Olsen, ICDK Munich, Innovation Attaché Eske Bo Rosenberg, ICDK Seoul, Innovation Attaché Allan Skårup Kristensen, ICDK Silicon Valley
  • Mission 3: Bioresources, Innovation Attaché Jakob Williams Ørberg, ICDK New Delhi/Bangalore, Deputy Consul General Thomas Winther Poulsen, ICDK Silicon Valley, Innovation Officer Samuel Gideon Scheer, ICDK Tel Aviv
  • Mission 4: Circular economy – Plastic and textiles, Innovation Attaché Thomas Trøst Hansen, ICDK Shanghai, Innovation Advisor Joseph Kurian, ICDK New Delhi/Bangalore, Head of the Innovation Centre Peter Normann Vangsbo, ICDK Seoul


14:15-14:30 – Wrap-up, Senior International Investment officer Jens Peter Vittrup, Innovation Fund Denmark

The call text for the Innomission partnerships

About the Innomission partnerships

The Innomission partnerships will have a total funding budget of approx. DKK 700 million which must be matched by other private and/or public funds.

There are four thematic areas and minimum funding:

  • Mission 1: Capture and storage of use of CO2: DKK 195 million

  • Mission 2: Green fuels for transport and industry (Power-to-X etc.): DKK 195 million

  • Mission 3: Climate and eco-friendly agriculture and food production: DKK 195 million

  • Mission 4: Circular economy with focus on plastic waste and textiles: DKK 100 million

The applicants must specify a number of objectives in their applications. Of particular interest for international cooperation can the following be mentioned:

Objective 1: Value creation and impact including exports and international market opportunities

Objective 4: Private sector engagement including companies in Denmark and abroad

Objective 5: International expertise and talents – involvement of international expertise from the private sector and research as well as cooperation with foreign centers of excellence.

Objective 6: National and International gearing of investment and co-funding

Objective 10: Citizens’ and end-users engagement. - the success of new technologies depends to a large extent to Danish and foreign citizens and end-users engagement and support of the new solutions, hence strategies for their involvement should also be included in the applications.  

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