International experts are guiding Innovation Fund Denmark on green mission-driven innovation

Innovation Fund Denmark has set up a Mission International Advisory Board to support the Fund in its work on green mission-driven research and innovation partnerships.

The Danish parliament Folketinget has given Innovation Fund Denmark the task of implementing four strategic green research and innovation missions that will contribute to Denmark reaching the goal of 70 % total reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030 - and paving the way for a net-zero society by 2050.

Innovation Fund Denmark has established a high-profile international Advisory Board to provide strategic advice and guidance in the ongoing work to achieve the goals of the four missions that the government has identified in its green research strategy:

  • Carbon capture and storage or use of CO2
  • Green fuels for transportation and industry (Power-to-X, etc.)
  • Climate and environment-friendly agriculture and food production
  • Circular economy focusing on plastics and textiles

The new Advisory Board consists of seven experts who have extensive professional insight into - and international experience with - mission-driven innovation and green transformation. These competencies and experiences will help to qualify and support the Fund's work with mission-driven innovation. The panel can be expanded with new members on an ongoing basis.

The Innovation Fund Denmark's Board of Directors makes the final decisions on the investments from the Fund, and the Missions International Advisory Board is thus exclusively an advisory body.

The following members have been appointed to the Missions International Advisory Board:

  • Cheryl Martin, Dr. / Manager at Harwich Partners, LLC
  • Walter Eevers, Prof. Dr. / Director at VITO
  • Iván Martén, Dr. / Several Board positions related to the energy transition
  • Richard Templer, Professor / Director of Innovation at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London
  • Emilie Normann, Head of research, analysis and higher education at Fund of Entrepreneurship
  • Michael Zöllner, Managing Director at Danish Green Investment Fund
  • Gina Domanig, Managing Partner at Emerald Technology Ventures

- Innovation Fund Denmark is already working hard to create the best possible basis for the green mission-driven partnerships in close collaboration with large parts of the Danish research and innovation system. The mission-driven approach to innovation, which aims at accelerating the green transition and develop new climate technologies, is groundbreaking, and therefore we want to incorporate knowledge and experience from international experts. I am pleased that the members have agreed to advise Innovation Fund Denmark, says Anne-Marie Levy Rasmussen, director of Innovation Fund Denmark.

Innovation Fund Denmark is in the process of creating the best possible basis for investing strategically in mission-driven green partnerships, which are going to succeed with the four missions. The first part of the process is so-called roadmaps, which will form the framework for the upcoming green partnerships.

Innovation Fund Denmark has received twelve highly qualified and ambitious contributions from a large number of relevant partners in the Danish research and innovation system. The best contributions and elements will be selected and announced in August when the call for green research and innovation partnerships is announced.

Read about the roadmap process here.