We invest in international collaboration to strengthen Danish research and to promote Danish innovative solutions.

Important information

General eligibility criteria and conditions for receiving project funding from Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) will apply. Read about the Danish Rules and Guidelines for international projects.

Be sure to check out required documents for applications for the International programme here.

The global perspective is vital to a country like Denmark with an open economy, clear positions of strength, and a culture of international ties and trade. International collaboration is a key element in constantly developing and strenghtening Danish research and innovation.

Innovation Fund Denmark offers 4 entries to International Collaborations:

  • The national Grand Solutions programme, where foreign partners can be invited to participate
  • Strategic thematic programmes within Horizon 2020, Nordic cooperation, EUREKA and GlobalStars
  • Eurostars for research intensive SME’s
  • Bilateral cooperation with countries outside Europe
Biodiversa+ Nature-based Solutions International Collaborations 1172
DUT Call 2023 International Collaborations 1172
CETPartnership Joint Call 2023 International Collaborations 1172
Process in case of lack of recognized researcher
Orientation on the process in the event of a lack of review from a recognized researcher
Åben sektion, Orientation on the process in the event of a lack of review from a recognized researcher

Innovation Fund Denmark has become aware that a case processing error has occurred in connection with the appointment of reviewers in the evaluation of applications for the programs "Industrial Researcher", "Grand Solutions" as well as the two international programs "EUREKA" and "bilateral collaborations". Applicants who wish to clarify whether they are covered by the error, can read more here

Please find specific contact information on the list of programmes
Åben sektion, Please find specific contact information on the list of programmes

General contact for International Collaborations

Aila Lonka
Head of International Collaborations
+ 45 61905039

Jens Peter Vittrup 
Senior International Project Officer
+45 6190 5023 

Daniel G. Marques
Investment Officer
+45 6190 5006

Thorbjørn Moth Gilberg
Investment Officer
+ 45 61905050 

Stine Holm (on maternity leave)
Investment Officer
+45 6190 5074 

E-grant technical questions?

Contact e-grant support

T: +45 33 92 91 90

If you have submitted an application or have a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark, please contact us via your case in e-grant.

Åben sektion, Documents

When applying for funding for an international project with Innovation Fund Denmark, a number of documentations are required. Below you can find documents not available through the online portal e-grant.

The Danish applicants will be invited, via e-grant, when their file has opened. This usually happens within a month after the application deadline. The invitation includes the task of uploading a pdf version of the international application including budget and the following additional documents, where applicable.

No undertaking in difficulty
Declaration that the organisation does not hold the status of an undertaking in difficulty. This is a requirement for all applications from non-public enterprises and organisations.

Declaration that the small- or medium sized enterprise (SME) fulfills the requirement for an SME. This is a requirement for all applications from an SME.

De minimis aid Compliance
As an alternative to investment rates under the State aid regulations, Danish SMEs can choose to be financed according to The European Commission’s de minimis regulation. If this is applied, the maximum investment for the SME in a three period is 200.000 €. Under de minimis regulation salary is calculated based on a fixed hourly rate of DKK 750 (approx. 100 €) per hour including overhead.  Other costs are calculated as actual costs without overhead. IFD‘s funding rates for de minimis are 60% for SMEs of the calculated cost for basic and industrial research and 33% for experimental research activities. This is a requirement for applicants wishing to apply under the de minimis rules.

Ability to co-finance
This form enables SMEs to calculates and document their ability to fund the project expenses, not covered by Innovation Fund Denmark. This is a requirement for all applications from SMEs.

Guidance for Gantt chart
There is no mandatory template for the Gantt chart, but the chart must fill the requirements described in the guidelines. This is a requirement for all projects granted funding.