We invest in international collaboration to strengthen Danish research and to promote Danish innovative solutions.

Important information

General eligibility criteria and conditions for receiving project funding from Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) will apply. Read about the Danish Rules and Guidelines for international projects.

Be sure to check out required documents for applications for the International programme here.

The global perspective is vital to a country like Denmark with an open economy, clear positions of strength, and a culture of international ties and trade. International collaboration is a key element in constantly developing and strenghtening Danish research and innovation.

Innovation Fund Denmark offers 4 entries to International Collaborations:

  • The national Grand Solutions programme, where foreign partners can be invited to participate
  • Strategic thematic programmes within Horizon 2020, Nordic cooperation, EUREKA and GlobalStars
  • Eurostars for research intensive SME’s
  • Bilateral cooperation with countries outside Europe
Pre-announcement: EU Partnership Programme for Innovative SME’s / Eurostars call 5 in 2023 International Collaborations 1172
Pre-announcement: THCS (Call 2023) – Transforming Health and Care Systems International Collaborations 1172
Urban Doers Grant (DUT) International Collaborations 1172
Horizon 2020
Åben sektion, Horizon 2020

JPI AMR – Antimicrobial resistance
The anti-microbial resistance programme (AMR) addresses the global effect of increased antibiotic consumption and consequent resistance to these. Research in the spread of AMR and solutions is in focus.

Programme description:


JPI Oceans – Blue BioEconomy
The main objective of the programme is to establish a coordinated R&D funding scheme that will strengthen Europe’s position in the blue bioeconomy. The goal is to identify new and improve existing ways of bringing bio-based products and services to the market and find new ways of creating value from in the blue bioeconomy. 

Programme description:


JPI Climate/ JPI FACCE – BioDivERsA
A Joint Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) and the ERA-NET COFUND on Biodiversity and Ecosystem. There are many overlapping research interests between the two initiatives, as agriculture and food security strongly depend on biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides. At the same time, agricultural practices have a key role in determining the fate of biodiversity, with both positive and negative effects. In the face of climate change, pressures on biodiversity and agro-ecosystem services are expected to increase, whereas biodiversity may offer nature-based solutions to allow the agricultural sector to tackle climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Programme description:


JPI Ocean – Micro Plastic in Oceans
JPI Oceans is by this call aiming to promote European and transatlantic research cooperation on the issue, and contribute to the Regional Seas Conventions, to the implementation of the Belém Statement as well as G7, G20 and UN aims of reducing (micro-) plastic pollution in the ocean.

Programme description:


JPI Water - ERA Emerging Pollutants
Many of them are used and released continuously in the aquatic environments (freshwaters, groundwater, marine) where they impact organisms, ecosystems and may end up in the human food chain. Key knowledge gaps remain around the environmental behavior of new and emerging pollutants, both in water resources and in the marine environment, and their impacts on ecosystem and human

Programme description:


PI JPND – Neurodegenerative Disease Research
JPND has in this call chosen to focus in the area of Precision Medicine, which relates to the targeting of specific elements responsible for pathology in a given individual at a particular point in time. It is an emerging approach for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment that takes into account individual variability in genes, biological/molecular characteristics together with environmental and lifestyle factors. It is a two-step call launched in early January 2019. IFD cooperate with the VELUX Foundations on funding Danish participants in JPI JPND.

Programme description: www.neurodegenerationresearch.e


JPI Urban Europe
JPI Urban Europe addresses a number of issues related to a more sustainable urbanization: a) Reduce the adverse environmental impact of cities, paying special attention to the quality of air, water and soil, and municipal and other waste management; b) Access to safe, affordable, and sustainable housing, transportation and basic services; and c) Integrated policies towards inclusion, resource efficiency, mitigation and adaptation to climate change and resilience to disasters.

Programme description:


RegSys Smart Energy Systems – ERA-Net SES
ERA-Net SES Focus on Integrated Regional Energy Systems (RegSys). All the elements such as electricity, gas, heating and cooling grids, end-use technologies in buildings and other infrastructure shall be combined and integrated in an innovative way.

Programme description:


FedFlagship - QuantERA
QuantERA answers the growing need for collaborative endeavours and common funding scheme within quantum technologies research, which doe to its highly interdisciplinary nature cannot be confined to an individual institution or state.

Programme description:


Art. 185 – AAL Joint Programming
Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) domains include solutions for Active Living, such as in work & training, for vitality & abilities, in leisure & culture, for information & communication, as well as for Assisted Living, such as in health & care, living & building, mobility & transport, safety & security. Denmark participates in the small collaborative projects where projects have a duration of up to 9 months and a co-funding budget of €300.000 for all partners from at least three AAL countries. The main objective of the small collaborative projects is the exploration of new ideas, concepts and approaches for ICT-based solutions for older adults.

Programme description:

Regional Contacts:


Åben sektion, Bilateral
Åben sektion, Eurostars


Eurostars is a collaboration between 35 EUREKA member countries and Horizon2020. Eurostars is a dedicated programme for research-intensive SMEs in all areas. EUREKA countries outside Europe such as  Canada, South Korea, Turkey, South Africa and Israel also participe in Eurostars. Innovation Fund Denmark collaborates with Danish Regions in offering advice on Eurostars.  Please see regional contacts in the right-hand column.

Programme description:

Åben sektion, EUREKA
Åben sektion, NordForsk

NordForsk - Digitalisation in the public sector
NordForsk and the Nordic countries will launch a call for proposals on Digitalisation in the public sector. The call will focus on topics such as accessibility, user-friendliness and security. 

Programme description: n.a.

Grand Solutions
Åben sektion, Grand Solutions

IFD encourage Danish applicants to invite relevant international partners to participate in their Grand Solutions applications if they can contribute to a better and faster solution.

Any legal entity (such as an enterprise, a research institution or a public institution) in or outside Denmark, directly involved in the project activities, is eligible to receive funding from IFD. For details of the maximum investment rate for the different types of participants look here

Process in case of lack of recognized researcher
Orientation on the process in the event of a lack of review from a recognized researcher
Åben sektion, Orientation on the process in the event of a lack of review from a recognized researcher

Innovation Fund Denmark has become aware that a case processing error has occurred in connection with the appointment of reviewers in the evaluation of applications for the programs "Industrial Researcher", "Grand Solutions" as well as the two international programs "EUREKA" and "bilateral collaborations". Applicants who wish to clarify whether they are covered by the error, can read more here

Please find specific contact information on the list of programmes
Åben sektion, Please find specific contact information on the list of programmes

General contact for International Collaborations

Jens Peter Vittrup 
Senior International Project Officer
+45 6190 5023 

Aila Lonka
Investment Officer
+ 45 61905036

Daniel G. Marques
Investment Officer
+45 6190 5006

Thorbjørn Moth Gilberg
Investment Officer
+ 45 61905050 

Stine Holm (on maternity leave)
Investment Officer
+45 6190 5074 

E-grant technical questions?

Contact e-grant support

T: +45 33 92 91 90

If you have submitted an application or have a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark, please contact us via your case in e-grant.

Åben sektion, Documents

When applying for funding for an international project with Innovation Fund Denmark, a number of documentations are required. Here you can find the documents needed that are not available through the online portal e-grant. The filled out documents must be uploaded through e-grant.


Explanation to the documents:

No undertaking in difficulty
All non-public enterprises and organisations must declare that they do not hold the status of an undertaking in difficulty.

All applicants applying as a small- or medium sized enterprise must fill out an SME-declaration.

De minimis aid Compliance
Applicants wishing to apply under the minimis rules must submit the de minimis aid compliance form. De minimis support cannot exceed 200,000 EUR within the current and two previous accounting years, including the funding to be provided by the Innovation Fund Denmark.

Template for calculating the ability to co-finance including explanations
All Small- and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) not receiving de minimis funding must submit the template for calculating the ability to co-finance the project, documenting their ability to fund the project expenses not covered by Innovation Fund Denmark.

Vejledning til Gantt kort i internationale projekter 
All projects must submit a Gantt chart of their project. There is no mandatory template for the Gantt chart, but the chart must fill the requirements described in the guidelines. NB! This document is currently only available in Danish.