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2nd EUREKA Clusters AI Call 2021

The Eureka Clusters AI Call is specifically designed to stimulate activity within AI technology, through the creation of transnational collaborative projects in applications that will support economic growth and benefit society as a whole. IFD has focused its funding on projects supporting AI in the Green Transition and Health sector.


IFD can fund Large enterprises, universities, research organisations etc. as well as SME’s. Projects must include praticipants from at least two of the call countries and projects must in addition include at least one Danish industrial partner.


IFD funds Research and Innovation projects Artificial Intelligence (AI) within Green Transition and Health. IFD can co-finance expences to salary, materials, travels, decimination and to a limited extend subcontracting.

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IFDs can co-fund up to €300.000 per Danish partner and a maximum of €500.000 to all Danish partners if two or more Danish partners participate in the application. The project must include partners from at least two of the call countries but can also have more partner countries included. Public co-funding to partners in other countries depends on national funding rules. The average size of a project is expected to be €2-5 mio. and include 5-10 partners.

The General call conditions
General call conditions: here:

National Danish call conditions

The application will be evaluated by the national funding agencies of the partners participting in the project. IFD will prioritize funding to projects which:

  • demonstrate a clear benefit of the international cooperation to the Danish partners
  • having af significant impact on knowledge based growth and employment in Denmark
  • impact on green transition and health as outlined by the Danish Parliament.

In addition the project must live up to the following conditions:

  • The call focus on applied research and innovation. The Danish part of the application must include at least one Danish enterprise with employees and economic activities in Denmark. In addition Danish universities, GTS-institutes, hospitals or other public entries are also invited to participate in the application.
  • Any subcontracting must be clearly described in the application and budget overview. IFD does not fund subcontracting outside of Denmark.

Requirements for Danish Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)

  • Danish participants in the application must be registered as legal entities with economic and actually activities taking place in Denmark. The activities funded by IFD must be conducted in Denmark.  
  • Danish SMEs must have a turnover of at least 2 million Danish krone OR have obtained at least 500,000 Danish krone in equity or attracted the same amount in investments in the past financial year.  
  • Danish startups (companies existing for less than three years) must state their ability to fund their part of the project costs (not including funding received from other public-funded projects). Companies, which have existed for more than one year will be requested to present an audited annual account from the last full year.
    Danish SMEs can only participate in one project per call.
  • A SME must be an SME according to the EU definition and it must not be “an undertaking in difficulty” according to EU’ state aid rules 

Limitation to Topics IFD can fund:

  • The call is generally open to AI solutions with all sectors. IFD is, however, due to budget restrictions, limiting its funding to projects supporting Green transition and the Public Health sector and Biotech solutions. This could include AI for agriculture, AI for improved biodiversity, AI for a Circular Economy, AI for Cybersecurity, AI for eHealth etc.
  • Please refer to IFD’s paper on topics which can be funded on IFDs homepage here:

IFD co-finance salary, materials, travels, dissemination and to a limited extend subcontracting. 

Brooking and webinars will be arranged for applications. The timeline for the events will be posted Here

You can find the official application form here:

Important dates
Call open 1. March 2021
Call opening

All general call information and the application form can be found on the official EUREKA Cluster call homepage here:

April & May 2021
Brokerage event & Webinar on call

An unline brokerage event and a webinar on the call conditions are beeing planned. The exact dates and links will be posted on the official call homepage here:


28 June 2021, 12:00 Brussels time (CET)
Application deadline
14 days (latest) after the formal application deadline
Registration on the national e-grant portal

Each Danish participant in the application must individually register on the national e-grant portal no later than 14 days after deadline the formal application. The international application including annexes must be uploaded together with the registration.

End of 2021
Evaluation concluded
Åben sektion, Contact

Børge Lindberg (AI in General)
Tlf.: 6190 5012

Steen Bennike Mortensen (AI in Healths)

Tlf.: +45 6190 5026


Jens Peter Vittrup
Tlf.: +45 6190 5023