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AAL - Healthy Ageing through Digital Solutions and Ecosystems

The aim of the Call is to support innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects within the Active & Assisted Living Programme.


Universities, research organisations and large enterprises as well as SME’s.


Salaries, travels, materials, equipment (depreciation), and subcontracting.

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Max funding is €300.000 per partner and €500.000 per project. IFD has allocated €1 mio. to the call.

AAL Call 2020 is a part of the Active & Assisted Living Programme (AAL Programme) that was approved in May 2014 by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. As part of the work-programme, the AAL Programme intends to launch a new Challenge-led Call for Proposals in February 2020: “Healthy Ageing through Digital Solutions and Ecosystems”. The aim of the Call is to support innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects.

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The aim of the Call is to support innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects. Call 2020 is characterised by the following approach:

  • The AAL Call 2020 allows for more flexibility regarding the scope, size and duration of the proposed projects (including small collaborative projects).
  • The AAL Call 2020 is open to developing ICT-based solutions targeting any application area(s) within the AAL domain. The solutions need to be embedded in the strategies of the participating end-user organisations, service providers and business partners.

Small Collaborative Projects:

  • This type of instrument will be available in the 2020 Call. Small collaborative projects have a duration of minimum 6 months and maximum 9 months, a maximum co-funding budget of €300.000 and leaner application and reporting procedures. The main objective of the small collaborative projects is the exploration of new ideas, concepts and approaches for ICT-based solutions for older adults. They should reach out to new stakeholders for inclusion in (future) development of AAL solutions, build strong collaborations with end-user organisations, support community building with new customers and create shared agendas. The following countries are participating; Austria, Belgium (Innoviris-Brussels & Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency), Denmark, Italy (MoH, Friuli Venezia Giulia), Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain (ISCIII) & Taiwan.

IFD funding to Danish participants:

  • IFD can only fund Danish partners in the Small Collaborative Projects (SCP)
  • IFD funds projects with at least one Danish partner. Maximum funding for a project with Danish partners is €100.000.

Read about the Danish Rules and Guidelines for international projects

Deadlines and further information:

  • Submission deadline: 24.08.2020 17:00 CET

Read the full call text here


  • For specific questions related to the budget, criteria and rules of Innovation Fund Denmark, please consult International Coordinator: Martin Kyvsgaard,

We invest in international collaboration to strengthen Danish research and to promote Danish innovative solutions.

The global perspective is vital to a country like Denmark with an open economy, clear positions of strength, and a culture of international ties and trade. International collaboration is a key element in constantly developing and strenghtening Danish research and innovation.

Innovation Fund Denmark offers 4 entries to International Collaborations:

  • The national Grand Solutions programme, where foreign partners can be invited to participate
  • Strategic thematic programmes within Horizon 2020, Nordic cooperation, EUREKA and GlobalStars
  • Eurostars for research intensive SME’s
  • Bilateral cooperation with countries outside Europe