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BiodivERsA call on ‘Biodiversity and Climate Change’



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BiodivERsA is a network of 39 organizations from 24 European countries programming and funding excellent research in the field of biodiversity, ecosystem services and Nature-based Solutions. BiodivERsA Partners aim to develop a long-lasting collaboration in research programming and funding policy and practice, thereby creating added value in high quality biodiversity research across national boundaries.

34 Funding Organisations (including 27 BiodivERsA Funding Organisations and 7 other national/regional Funding Organisations) are contributing to the funding of the present BiodivERsA joint call for research projects to be co-funded by the European Commission part of the BiodivClim ERA-NET COFUND Action – a total amount of over 26 Million Euro.

This call will cover the following four non-exclusive themes

  • Consequences of climate change on biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people
  • Climate-biodiversity feedback processes
  • Potential of nature-based solutions for mitigating and adapting to climate change
  • Synergies and trade-offs between policies on biodiversity, climate and other relevant sectors, and the role of agents of change

Research teams will be invited to form transnational research consortia with eligible partners from minimum 3 countries participating in the call (including minimum two from EU Member States or EU Associated Countries).

Save the date

An information webinar will be organized on September 13th, from 15:00 to 16:30 CEST (local time in Brussels) to answer all your questions about this call. To participate, register HERE!

IFD funding to Danish participants

IFD funds projects with at least one Danish partner. Maximum funding budget for a Danish partner is €300.000. If two or more Danish partners participate in a project the maximum funding budget is €500.000.

Deadlines and further information

  • Deadline pre-proposals: 5th of November 2019
  • Deadline full-proposals: 10th  of April 2020

Read more about the BiodivERsA call on ‘Biodiversity and Climate Change’ call

Read about the Danish Rules and Guidelines for international projects.


  • For general information on the call, please contact the Call Secretariat: Céline Billière,
  • For specific questions related to the budget, criteria and rules of Innovation Fund Denmark, please consult International Coordinator: Martin Kyvsgaard, 
  • For technical questions regarding the EPSS, please contact the EPSS technical helpdesk: Taavi Tiirik,