Eurostars for research intensive SME's

Eurostars is an international programme for research and innovation intensive SME's

Eurostars is Europe’s largest programme focusing on collaborative R&I projects for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. 36 countries participate in the programme, including a number of countries outside Europe, such as South Korea, Canada, South Africa, Turkey and Israel. Eurostars is a co-funded programme supported by Innovation Fund Denmark and EU under Horizon 2020 in a 75% / 25% ratio.  

Denmark is one of the leading countries in the programme with a track record of having many highly qualified projects on the common ranking list.  

Eurostars is open for market oriented development projects for all disciplines and themes. At least two partners from two Eurostars participating states must participate in a project. At least 50% of the work load in the project must be conducted by the participating research intensive SME’s. Universities, research organisations, hospitals and large companies can also participate. In Denmark they are funded according to Innovations Fund Denmarks funding rules for Eurostars. Read more about the IFD’s funding rules here

The duration of a Eurostars project can last up to three years (36 months) and a product or a service must be ready for market introduction no later than two years after the conclusion of the Eurostars-project.

Application deadlines
There are two annual deadlines for applications. One in March and one in September. You can expect a reply on your application four to five months after the application deadline. All Danish participants must register in IFD’s e-grant portal and upload a pdf version of the application form no later than 14 days after the application.

Who can apply for Eurostars funding?

  • Only research intensive SME’s can hand in applications. But other type of partners are welcome to participate in the projects as well.
  • A research intensive SME is defined by having at least 10% of its turnover or its full time employees (FTE) dedicated to research and innovation.
  • If the SME has from 50 to 99 employees, 5 FTEs dedicated to research and innovation is sufficient.
  • Find Eurostars guidelines with information on project participants, deadlines, application forms here
International Collaborations

Senior Consultant Jens Peter Vittrup
+45 6190 5023