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JPI Oceans – Micro Plastic in Oceans
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Thirteen JPI Oceans member countries, including Innovation Fund Denmark, together with Latvia and Brazil launch a call for transnational research projects of approx. 10.5 M€ to study the sources, distribution and impact of microplastics in the marine environment.

Open Call for pre-proposals
JPI Oceans is by this call aiming to promote European and transatlantic research cooperation on the issue, and contribute to the Regional Seas Conventions, to the implementation of the Belém Statement as well as G7, G20 and UN aims of reducing (micro-) plastic pollution in the ocean.

Building on the results from the joint transnational call “Ecological aspects of microplastics in the marine environment” and recent scientific findings this joint transnational call intends to increase the knowledge about the relevant sources of microplastics, analytical methods for identifying smaller micro- and nano-)plastics, monitoring their distribution and abundance in marine systems and their effects thereon as well as concepts to reduce inputs of plastic into the marine environment.

Priority areas: 

  • Identification, characterisation and quantification of the major microplastic sources, especially mechanisms and time scales of macroplastic fragmentation
  • New sampling and analytical methodologies - focusing on the smaller (nano-)particles and in situ measurement methods for all matrices (water, sediment, biota)
  • Monitoring and mapping of microplastics in the marine environment including its effects on the marine environment
  • Concepts to reduce inputs of plastics into the marine environment including through new recycling methods, raising public awareness, promoting behavioural change, socio-economic analyse

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