About Innovation Fund Denmark

We invest in entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses that create value for Denmark and new solutions to society’s challenges


We invest in sustainable solutions

Innovation Fund Denmark creates a framework for entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses so they can develop innovative and viable solutions to society’s challenges.

For example new climate mitigating solutions, healthier food, a more effective health care, cleaner environment, green transport, start-up journeys – and much more.

We want to create real value from our investments

It is important that the Danish society benefits as much as possible from the money Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and investment. That is why we prioritize responsibility highly. All projects we invest in have requirements of societal engagement, transparency, education and ethics.

Compared to other investors Innovation Fund Denmark’s results do not necessarily need to be seen in share prices or end of year financial results. Innovation Fund Denmark’s results must also be evaluated on social welfare improvements, increased societal wealth, jobs, reduction of CO2 emissions, cleaner environment etc.

We are ready to take a chance

Innovation Fund Denmark is ready to take a chance in a project, even though others may not be able to see the possibilities in it. Innovation Fund Denmark was created to invest in projects with high risk – and also high potential. And we do this in an easy, simple and transparent way – with as little bureaucracy as possible.

We are all of Denmark’s investment fund

Innovation Fund Denmark was created to strengthen and foster strategic research and innovation projects in all of Denmark. That is why the Fund has offices spread all over the country in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

  • CEO: Anne-Marie Levy Rasmussen
  • Innopartners: Annemarie Munk Riis
  • Innostartups: Sidsel Hougaard
  • Innobooster Plus: Vacant
  • Administrative Services: Søren Degn-Pedersen
  • Communications: Pernille Rype
Board of Directors

Tina Fanø

Tina Fanø

Tina Fanø is chairman of Innnovation Fund Denmark and executive vice president of Novozymes, which researches, develops and manufactures bioindustrial products, especially enzymes and microorganisms for, among other things, detergents, food and animal feed. Tina Fanø joined the Board of Directors on April 1, 2019.

Tina Fanø on LinkedIn

Henrik Jørgen Andersen

Henrik Jørgen Andersen

Henrik Jørgen Andersen is a board member of Innnovation Fund Denmark and Senior Executive R&D Advisor at Arla Foods Ingredients P/S. Henrik Jørgen Andersen joined the Board of Directors on July 1, 2020 for a three-year term.

Christian H. M. Ketels 

Christian Ketels

Christian H. M. Ketels is a board member of Innnovation Fund Denmark and advisor and Visiting Executive at Harvard Business School. Christian H. M. Ketels joined the Board of Directors on July 1, 2020 for a three-year term.

Anne-Marie Engel

Anne Marie Engel

Anne-Marie Engel is Head of Talent & Career Programmes in Lundbeckfonden and joined the IFD Board on 1 April 2017 for a three-year term. She was reappointed for a three-years term which was extended three more years July 1, 2020.

Stephen Alstrup

Stephen Alstrup

Stephen Alstrup is professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, and also has extensive experience from the private business community with start-up and management of companies, most recently SupWiz, one of Europe's leading startups in the field of artificial intelligence. Stephen Alstrup joined the board of directors on April 1, 2019 for a three-year term.

Stephen Alstrup på LinkedIn

Lars Frølund

Lars Frølund

Lars Frølund is research director and visiting fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. He works daily with innovation in one of the world's leading research and innovation environments. Lars Frølund joined the board of the Innovation Fund on 1 April, 2019 for a three-year term.

Lars Frølund on LinkedIn

Mette Glavind

Mette Glavind, Board Member of Innovation Fund Denmark

Mette Glavind is Vice President at Building and Construction Department at The Danish Technological Institute. Mette Glavind joined the Board of Directors on July 1, 2020 for a three-year term.

Mads Andersen 

Mads Andersen, Board Member of Innovation Fund Denmark

Mads Andersen is Group Chairman at the Danish trade union 3F and Vice Chairman at CO-industri. Mads Andersen joined the Board of Directors on July 1, 2020 for a three-year term.

Camilla Haustrup Hermansen

Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, Board Member of Innovation Fund Denmark

Camilla Haustrup Hermansen is co-owner and member of the board of Directors at the Danish company Plus Pack. Plus Pack is designing sustainable and customized food packaging solutions. Camilla Haunsrtup Hermansen joined the Board of Directors on July 1, 2020 for a three-year term.


Mission, vision and objectives

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in cultivating and translating ideas, knowledge and technology for the benefit of Danish Society.

Entrepreneurship, partnership and an international outlook thrive so that ideas, knowledge and technologies are translated into viable businesses and innovative solutions for the benefit of society.


Innovation Fund Denmark's investments stimulate:

  • Growth and employment
  • Solutions to key societal challenges

The objectives are achieved by means of:

  • Innovation and technological advances
  • Interdisciplinary alliances
  • Thriving entrepreneurship
  • Research excellence
  • A dynamic international outlook
Legal basis and policies
Law on Innovation Fund Denmark
Privacy policy

It is paramount for Innovation Fund Denmark to protect personal information data and we apply and adhere to all current regulations and laws.

Privacy policy for Innovation Fund Denmark.


Her kan du se Innovationsfondens informationssikkerhedspolitik. Politikken er vedtaget august 2020.

Open Access Politiy

To create free access for all citizens, researchers and companies to all research articles from Danish research institutions financed by public authorities and/or private foundations.

Denmarks National Strategy for Open Access (PDF)


The Innovation Fund Denmark’s whistle blower scheme provides employees and others with connection with the Fund the possibility to report suspicion of illegal, unethical or irresponsible behavior that conflicts with the Funds regulations or values. All reports go with full anonymity to the Fund’s legal representation at Kammeradvokaten/Poul Schmith.

Report here.

Requirements for responsible research and innovation

RRI aims to strengthen the links between research & innovation processes and results and societal values and needs.

Innovation Fund Denmark strives to advance RRI in both its overall strategies and via its projects and the Fund adheres to the European Commission’s definition and implementation of RRI.

We have designed our investment types and evaluation criteria in such a way as to encourage projects to focus on ‘societal commitment’ and ‘research training’. To that end, projects are specifically encouraged to:

  • Involve all relevant stakeholders and institutions in the research and innovation process
  • Cultivate a keen focus on future users
  • Engage in formal and informal cross-institutional research training

By involving all relevant stakeholders in the research and innovation process projects may potentially create more sustainable and long-term results. And by making formal and informal research training an integral part of the projects, they will not only generate research and innovation results, but also train the next generation of researchers.


    Conflict of interest and disqualification

    Read Innovation Fund Denmark operational check list regarding conflict of interest

    According to the Danish Public Administration Act you are disqualified relative to a specific case, if:

    • You have a particular personal or financial  interest in the outcome of a case or if you have represented any person in the same case with such interests.
    • You are married or closely related to a person that has particular or financial interest in the outcome of the case or represents any person with such interests.
    • You have previously – or in the current decision – have represented someone wo.
    • You are involved in the management of or are otherwise closely associated with any company, partnership, association or other private legal entity with a particular interest in the outcome of the case;
    • The case concerns a complaint about or exercise of the control or supervision of another public authority, and the person previously served with that authority and assisted in making the decision or implementing the measures at issue in the case; or
    • There are other grounds for questioning your impartiality (see below)

    In addition the Public Administration Act, Innovation Fund Denmark has adopted the following principles for disqualification on a decision pertaining to a case. In questions where doubt arises regarding, disqualification, the person in question will leave the room while the question is decided.

    If employment at the same public organization (faculty, research unit, institute etc) as the applicant, you are disqualified if:

    • The application is within the same research area as yours.
    • You are in a management position at a public organization (Dean, Rector or similar) or member of a managing body of a public organization, factuly, PH.D school, Institute etc and the public institution in question is an applicant or a person in the application is under your management.
    • The applicant/case has importance for your place of employment, your personal employment or research groups you participate in or recently was a part of.

    In employment (including management and board positions9 in the same private unit as a participant of an application, you are disqualified, if the the application has importance for your private unit.

    In case of application round with 10 or less applicants

    • You are disqualified in relation to an application, you will also be considered disqualified in relation to the other applications if 10 or less applications are competing. If the application you are disqualified for is ruled out of the application process, you can participate in the decision of the remaining applications.
    Impact Assesment and Evaluation

    The aim of Innovation Fund Denmark is to create growth, jobs and solve societal challenges. These goals are affected by various factors and are therefore difficult to measure. This text outlines Innovation Fund Denmark’s approach to impact measurement of investments.

    Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and innovation projects with a view to strengthening growth and employment in Denmark and to solve societal challenges. A main precondition for this is documentation of the fact that the projects produce a social return, which both in the short and long run creates value for Denmark. Therefore, in June 2016 Innovation Fund Denmark issued a publication offering insight into how the fund monitors, measures and documents the impact of investments.

    Measuring the social return of individual projects accurately is a complex task, as the results may be multifarious and affected by external factors. The fund’s publication on impact measurement therefore describes to the greatest extent possible the fund’s approach to impact measurement by outlining the methods the fund has found to be the most relevant based on national and international research and in cooperation with the OECD.

    Contrary to private-sector companies, Innovation Fund Denmark does not have a bottom line that clearly shows whether investments have been profitable. Various factors affect the companies’ and research institutions’ activities and thus the effect of projects invested in by the fund. Depending on the category and size of investments, the fund therefore explores the individual projects to determine their impact – e.g. through interviews with the companies, universities and users of new solutions. On a general level and within other project categories the fund performs quantitative analyses of projects. In addition, the publication also mentions a series of associated effects of investments made by the fund. E.g., research and innovation projects based on funds subject to competition contribute to strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship culture in Denmark.

    At project level, it is the fund’s ambition to see the companies that participate in projects grow and experience significant increased value creation. Find more information under objectives and indicators. At the same time, the aim is to see research results lead to innovation in the future. Impact measurement in Innovation Fund Denmark is an ongoing process, and the fund focusses on collecting and measuring the impact of its activities in close cooperation with Danish and international collaborators with a view to documenting that its investments have a positive effect on society.


    Addresses and phone number

    Phone: 61 90 50 00

    (9.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.)

    E-mail: kontakt@innofond.dk 


    Europaplads 2, 4. sal
    8000 Aarhus C

    Østergade 26 A, 4. sal
    1100 København K

    Cortex Park 26
    5230 Odense M

    NOVI 1
    Niels Jernes Vej 10
    9220 Aalborg

    Press contact

    Head of press and media, Jens Bomholt
    Phone: +45 61 90 50 45
    Email: jens.bomholt@innofond.dk

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    EAN and CVR

    EAN: 5798000432864

    CVR: 29035695

    Logo and guidelines
    Download logo in different formats
    Guidelines for mentioning investments where Innovation Fund Denmark participates

    When referring to projects with investment from Innovation Fund Denmark, the people involved must always ensure that it is clear that this is a project together with Innovation Fund Denmark.

    The English term is: Innovation Fund Denmark

    When Innovation Fund Denmark is mentioned on websites, publications, presentation plans, brochures and the like, please use the official logo.

    Please refer to Innovation Fund Denmark's website with the following address: www.innovationsfonden.dk

    By mention in articles, Powerpoints and other forms of documentation. Please use the following text:

    Acknowledgments: «This work is partly funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) under File No. ___. "

    Everyone can avail themselves of the following fact boxes about Innovation Fund Denmark as needed:

    Innovation Fund Denmark
    Innovation Fund Denmark invests in the development of new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark. The Fund focuses on societal challenges, strengthens research and increases innovation commitment within private companies.

    Grøn projektbank


    Grøn projektbank er et samarbejde mellem Miljø- og Fødevareministeriet og Innovationsfonden under Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet.

    I Grøn Projektbank kan du finde alle projekter med støtte fra GUDP og MUDP samt Innovationsfondens bioressourceområde i databasen.

    Grøn Projektbank blev etableret i 2019.



    Virksomhedsguiden er et digitalt redskab for virksomheder og erhvervsfremmeaktører, der samler indhold og tilbud på tværs af myndigheder og erhvervsfremmeaktører til gavn for virksomhederne.

    Virksomhedsguiden samler vejledning på tværs af 16 forskellige myndigheder, de 6 nye erhvervshuse, kommunerne samt erhvervsfremmetilbud fra over 80 erhvervsfremmeaktører.

    Virksomhedsguiden blev etableret i juni 2019.



    Vækstfonden er statens finansieringsfond, som arbejder for at styrke danske virksomheders adgang til risikovillig kapital, så de kan skabe ny innovation, vækst og arbejdspladser.

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