About Innovation Fund Denmark

We invest in entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses that create value for Denmark and new solutions to our society’s biggest challenges.

We invest in sustainable solutions

Innovation Fund Denmark creates a framework for entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses so they can develop innovative and viable solutions to society’s challenges.

For example new climate mitigating solutions, healthier food, a more effective health care, cleaner environment, green transport, start-up journeys – and much more.

We want to create real value from our investments

It is important that the Danish society benefits as much as possible from the money Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and investment. That is why we prioritize responsibility highly. All projects we invest in have requirements of societal engagement, transparency, education and ethics.

Compared to other investors Innovation Fund Denmark’s results do not necessarily need to be seen in share prices or end of year financial results. Innovation Fund Denmark’s results must also be evaluated on social welfare improvements, increased societal wealth, jobs, reduction of CO2 emissions, cleaner environment etc.

We are ready to take a chance

Innovation Fund Denmark is ready to take a chance in a project, even though others may not be able to see the possibilities in it. Innovation Fund Denmark was created to invest in projects with high risk – and also high potential. And we do this in an easy, simple and transparent way – with as little bureaucracy as possible.

We are all of Denmark’s investment fund

Innovation Fund Denmark was created to strengthen and foster strategic research and innovation projects in all of Denmark. That is why the Fund has offices spread all over the country in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

Open section, Management
  • CEO: Cecilie Brøkner
  • Deputy Director and Head of Innopartners: Annemarie Munk Riis
  • Deputy Director and Head of Innobooster Plus: Ole Sinkjær
  • Head of Innostartup: Sidsel Hougaard
  • Head of the Communication and External Relations: Pernille Rype
  • Head of HR: Henrik Svendsen
  • CFO: Michael Friis Lindinger
Board of Directors
Open section, Members

Anders Eldrup

Anders Eldrup

Anders Eldrup is chairperson of Innovation Fund Denmark. Anders is chairman for 'testcenteret for vindmøller' (LORC), chairman of The Danish Green Investment Fund, chairman of Danish District Heating Association, vice chairman of CONCITO (Denmark’s green think tank), board member of Norlys and senior advisor for Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP).

Anders Eldrup joined the Board of Directors on March 7, 2022 for a three-year term.

Christian H. M. Ketels 

Christian Ketels

Christian H. M. Ketels is first vice-chairperson of Innnovation Fund Denmark and advisor and Visiting Executive at Harvard Business School.

Christian H. M. Ketels joined the Board of Directors on July 1, 2020 for a three-year term.

Henrik Jørgen Andersen

Henrik Jørgen Andersen

Henrik Jørgen Andersen is second vice-chairperson of Innnovation Fund Denmark and Senior Executive R&D Advisor at Arla Foods Ingredients P/S.

Henrik Jørgen Andersen joined the Board of Directors on July 1, 2020 and has been reappointed on december 1, 2022 for a three-year term.

Lars Frølund

Lars Frølund

Lars Frolund’s expertise lies at the intersection of mission-driven Innovation, venture capital investments in deep tech solutions, and geopolitics. Most recently, he was Special Advisor for Innovation at NATO HQ with a focus on the creation of the Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) and NATO’s Innovation Fund. 

Lars Frølund joined the Board of Directors on April 1, 2019 and has been reappointed on March 7, 2022 for a three-year term.

Mette Glavind

Mette Glavind, Board Member of Innovation Fund Denmark

Mette Glavind is director of the Construction and Civil Engineering division at the Danish Technological Institute, which provides specialist services to the construction sector with special strengths in sustainable construction and civil engineering based on expert knowledge of building materials, construction technology and execution.

Mette Glavind joined the Board of Directors on July 1, 2020 for a three-year term.

Mads Andersen 

Mads Andersen, Board Member of Innovation Fund Denmark

Mads Andersen is group chairman of 3F's industrial group, which i.a. embraces iron and metal, the process industry, the energy sector, the plastics industry, clothing and textiles, paper and packaging, fish and poultry factories as well as the beverage industry.

Mads Andersen joined the Board of Directors on July 1, 2020 for a three-year term.

Camilla Haustrup Hermansen

Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, Board Member of Innovation Fund Denmark

Camilla Haustrup Hermansen is director and co-owner at the Danish company Plus Pack. Plus Pack is designing sustainable and customized food packaging solutions.

Camilla Hausrtup Hermansen joined the Board of Directors on July 1, 2020 for a three-year term.

Peter Holme Jensen

Peter Holme Jensen

Peter Holme Jensen is Chief Innovation Officer at the international cleantech company Aquaporin A / S, which develops water filtration solutions via biotechnology.

Peter Holme Jensen joined the Board of Directors on June 15, 2021 for a three-year term.

Charlotte Rønhof

Charlotte Rønhof

Charlotte Rønhof is chairman of ATV Science and Engineering-project, chairman of Business Center Bornholm and board member of the Danish Heart Association.

Charlotte Rønhof joined the Board of directors on March 7, 2022 for a three-year term.

Delegation of the Board's decision-making power
Open section, Delegation of the Board's decision-making power

Delegation of the Board's decision-making power

Innovation Fund Denmark's Board of Directors may delegate its decision-making powers to committees, the secretariat or the Ministry of Education and Research or a state authority under the Ministry as described in Chapter 2, Section 10 and Section 28, subsection 5 of the Act and in Executive Order of No. 1150 of 25 October 2017 § 11.

Read more about delegation of the board's decision-making competence in the rules of procedure for Innovation Fund Denmark (PDF)

The decision-making power is not delegated to a greater extent than the exceptions described in § 26 of the Board of Directors' rules of procedure.

Thus, the following cases are not delegated:

  1. implementation of grants of more than DKK 5 million. DKK (regular investments and top-up investments),
  2. matters of principle and
  3. practice-forming or practice-changing cases.

Innovation Fund Denmark's Board of Directors has delegated its decision-making power as follows:


Pursuant to section 28, subsection 5 of the Act, the Board of Directors of Innovation Fund Denmark has set up two committees under the Board of Innovation Fund Denmark:

Innovation Committee:

  • Henrik Jørgen Andersen (Chairperson)
  • Camilla Haustrup Hermansen
  • Peter Holme Jensen

Committee for Strategic Research:

  • Mette Glavind (Chairperson)
  • Lars Frølund
  • Charlotte Rønhof


The Board of Directors appoints temporary or permanent professional “fagudvalg” to assist the secretariat in assessing applications for grants. A maximum of 10 temporary and permanent “fagudvalg” may be set up at any one time.

The Secretariat

In accordance with section 10, subsection 1, no. 2, of the Act on the Innovation Fund, cf. Executive Order no. 1660 of 12 August 2021 (Innovation Funds Act), the Board of Directors has decided to delegate the board's decision-making power regarding decisions on grants and implementation of grants to the Fund's secretariat within the following programs:

Center for HR and Business Development (UFM)

The Board has agreed with the Center for HR and Business Development in the Ministry of Education and Research that the center handles payroll and personnel administrative tasks and supports HR in the Innovation Fund. The ongoing administration of employees in the time registration system is handled locally in the Fund.

The center is thus responsible for personnel administration and personnel legal advice, and handles the contact to the Ministry of Finance's Financial Service Center (ØSC) regarding salary.

The Center for HR and Business Development is authorized to make salary dispositions in the Innovation Fund within the framework agreed with the director or by specific agreement with the director.

Mission, vision and objectives
Open section, Mission, vision and objectives

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in cultivating and translating ideas, knowledge and technology for the benefit of Danish Society.

Entrepreneurship, partnership and an international outlook thrive so that ideas, knowledge and technologies are translated into viable businesses and innovative solutions for the benefit of society.


Innovation Fund Denmark's investments stimulate:

  • Growth and employment
  • Solutions to key societal challenges

The objectives are achieved by means of:

  • Innovation and technological advances
  • Interdisciplinary alliances
  • Thriving entrepreneurship
  • Research excellence
  • A dynamic international outlook
Legal basis and policies
Privacy policy
Open section, Privacy policy

It is paramount for Innovation Fund Denmark to protect personal information data and we apply and adhere to all current regulations and laws.

Privacy policy for Innovation Fund Denmark.

Information security policy
Open section, Information security policy
Open Access Politiy
Open section, Open Access Politiy

To create free access for all citizens, researchers and companies to all research articles from Danish research institutions financed by public authorities and/or private foundations.

Denmarks National Strategy for Open Access (PDF)

Open section, Whistleblower

The Innovation Fund Denmark’s whistle blower scheme provides employees and others with connection with the Fund the possibility to report suspicion of illegal, unethical or irresponsible behavior that conflicts with the Funds regulations or values. All reports go with full anonymity to the Fund’s legal representation at Kammeradvokaten/Poul Schmith.

Report here.

Requirements for responsible research and innovation
Open section, Requirements for responsible research and innovation

RRI aims to strengthen the links between research & innovation processes and results and societal values and needs.

Innovation Fund Denmark strives to advance RRI in both its overall strategies and via its projects and the Fund adheres to the European Commission’s definition and implementation of RRI.

We have designed our investment types and evaluation criteria in such a way as to encourage projects to focus on ‘societal commitment’ and ‘research training’. To that end, projects are specifically encouraged to:

  • Involve all relevant stakeholders and institutions in the research and innovation process
  • Cultivate a keen focus on future users
  • Engage in formal and informal cross-institutional research training

By involving all relevant stakeholders in the research and innovation process projects may potentially create more sustainable and long-term results. And by making formal and informal research training an integral part of the projects, they will not only generate research and innovation results, but also train the next generation of researchers.


    Retningslinjer for internationalt forsknings- og innovationssamarbejde (URIS)
    Open section, Retningslinjer for internationalt forsknings- og innovationssamarbejde (URIS)

    Danske og udenlandske efterretninger viser, at internationalt forskningssamarbejde kan have alvorlige sikkerhedsmæssige, økonomiske og etiske konsekvenser. En ny rapport og nye konkrete retningslinjer til de danske uddannelses- og forskningsinstitutioner indskærper, at offentlige forskningsfinansierede fonde har et særligt ansvar for løbende at tage stilling til potentielle risici forbundet med de aktiviteter, der finansieres.

    I praksis betyder det, at fondene har en forpligtigelse til at være årvågne og aktivt bede relevante institutioner eller myndigheder om mere information, hvis der opstår tvivlstilfælde vedrørende internationale forskere og virksomheder, der ansøger om og modtager dansk finansiering.

    De nye retningslinjer blev offentliggjort i maj 2022, og de er blevet til, efter at Udvalget om retningslinjer for internationalt forsknings- og innovationssamarbejde (URIS) har afrapporteret, hvordan vi bedst sikrer dansk forskning mod økonomiske, sikkerhedsmæssige og etiske risici i internationalt forsknings- og innovationssamarbejde.

    Innovationsfonden implementerer URIS-anbefalingerne i retningslinjerne for alle fondens relevante programmer. Dette vil være sket, når forskningsreserveforhandlingerne for 2023 er afsluttede, og alle retningslinjer er opdateret for 2023.

    Du kan finde URIS-retningslinjerne her.

    You can find the URIS guidelines here.

    Conflict of interest
    Open section, Conflict of interest

    Please find below the Innovation Fund Denmark’s Rules for Conflict of Interest, adopted by the board per. October 7th 2021. The rules immediately came into force for all board members, while they for the secretariat, the committee members (“fagudvalgsmedlemmer”), external readers and others who take part in the work of the Fund in addition to the Board, for practical reasons came into force January 1st, 2022.

    Impact Assesment and Evaluation
    Open section, Impact Assesment and Evaluation

    The aim of Innovation Fund Denmark is to create growth, jobs and solve societal challenges. These goals are affected by various factors and are therefore difficult to measure. This text outlines Innovation Fund Denmark’s approach to impact measurement of investments.

    Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and innovation projects with a view to strengthening growth and employment in Denmark and to solve societal challenges. A main precondition for this is documentation of the fact that the projects produce a social return, which both in the short and long run creates value for Denmark. Therefore, in June 2016 Innovation Fund Denmark issued a publication offering insight into how the fund monitors, measures and documents the impact of investments.

    Measuring the social return of individual projects accurately is a complex task, as the results may be multifarious and affected by external factors. The fund’s publication on impact measurement therefore describes to the greatest extent possible the fund’s approach to impact measurement by outlining the methods the fund has found to be the most relevant based on national and international research and in cooperation with the OECD.

    Contrary to private-sector companies, Innovation Fund Denmark does not have a bottom line that clearly shows whether investments have been profitable. Various factors affect the companies’ and research institutions’ activities and thus the effect of projects invested in by the fund. Depending on the category and size of investments, the fund therefore explores the individual projects to determine their impact – e.g. through interviews with the companies, universities and users of new solutions. On a general level and within other project categories the fund performs quantitative analyses of projects. In addition, the publication also mentions a series of associated effects of investments made by the fund. E.g., research and innovation projects based on funds subject to competition contribute to strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship culture in Denmark.

    At project level, it is the fund’s ambition to see the companies that participate in projects grow and experience significant increased value creation. Find more information under objectives and indicators. At the same time, the aim is to see research results lead to innovation in the future. Impact measurement in Innovation Fund Denmark is an ongoing process, and the fund focusses on collecting and measuring the impact of its activities in close cooperation with Danish and international collaborators with a view to documenting that its investments have a positive effect on society.


    Guide to complaints
    Open section, Guide to complaints

    Appeals against decisions from the Danish Innovation Fund may not be brought before another administrative authority, cf. section 23, subsection 1, in Act no. 306 of 29 March 2014 on the Danish Innovation Fund, as last amended by Act no. 1188 of 8 June 2021 on the Danish Innovation Fund. Pursuant to section 23, subsection 2, legal matters in connection with the Fund's decisions as a grant authority may, however, be appealed to the Danish Agency for Education and Research, cf. section 13, no. 5, in Executive Order no. 1574 of 15 December 2017.

    Complaints about legal matters must - cf. section 25, subsection 2 and 3 - submitted in writing to the Danish Innovation Fund, Europaplads 2, 4th floor, 8000 Aarhus C, either per. letter or email to kontakt@innofond.dk, within 4 weeks after the decision has been notified to the parties to the case, cf. section 25 of the Danish Innovation Fund Act.

    When the Danish Innovation Fund receives the complaint, the Foundation must - if it wants to uphold the decision - forward the complaint, the case documents and the Foundation's statement on the matter to the Minister of Education and Research v. The Danish Agency for Education and Research.

    In the event of a complaint, there may be three scenarios that may arise in the complaint process:

    • First, the Danish Innovation Fund may choose not to reopen the case. In this case, the Foundation must forward the case to the Minister of Education and Research v. The Danish Agency for Education and Research as soon as possible after receiving the complaint.
    • Secondly, the Foundation may choose to reopen the case and make a new decision, which is now fully upheld by the party. In this case, no further action is required.
    • Third, the Foundation may choose to reopen the case and make a new decision that (still) does not fully support the party. In this case, the party can choose to appeal the now new decision. In these situations, the complaint will again have to be submitted in writing to the Foundation within 4 weeks after the decision has been notified to the person in question.


    Communication Policy
    Open section, Communication Policy

    Here you can read the Innovation Fund's communication policy, which is a common, overall framework for the foundation's communication. The communication policy was adopted in November 2021.

    Questions for Innovation Fund Denmark?
    Open section, Questions for Innovation Fund Denmark?

    You can find answers to most questions on our website.
    Before contacting us by telephone, we would like you to be check the information about the relevant programme and it's guidelines.


    T: +45 61 90 50 00

    E-mail: kontakt@innofond.dk

    General information
    Weekdays: 9.00-12.00

    Phone time at the programmes, industrial reseacher, Innobooster and Innofounder:
    Tuesday and Thursday: 9.00-12.00
    Contact information for other programmes can be found under the relevant program on the website

    Accounting and grant Team 
    Weekdays: 9.00-12.00


    E-grant technical questions?
    Contact e-grant support 
    T: +45 33 92 91 90 
    E-mail: Support.e-grant@ufm.dk
    Weekdays: 9.00-12.00


    If you have submitted an application or have a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark, please contact us via your case in e-grant.

    Open section, Addresses

    Aarhus (HQ)
    Europaplads 2, 4. sal
    8000 Aarhus C

    C/O Bloxhub
    Frederiksholms Kanal 30 A4
    1220 København K

    Cortex Park 26
    5230 Odense M

    NOVI 1
    Niels Jernes Vej 10
    9220 Aalborg

    Press contact
    Open section, Press contact

    Head of press and media, Pernille Rype 
    Mobile: +45 6190 5060
    Email: pernille.rype@innofond.dk

    Secure email and digital mail
    Open section, Secure email and digital mail

    If your inquiry to Innovation Fund Denmark contains personally sensitive or confidential information, you must use secure electronic mail.

    A regular email address is basically not encrypted and is thus not secure.

    Send secure electronic mail via Digital Post
    Via Digital Post, citizens and companies can send messages securely to the Innovation Fund. It is possible to see which mailboxes you can send Digital Post to in the Innovation Fund via the Digital Post address book.

    Digital Post on borger.dk (login with Nemid)
    Digital Post on virk.dk (login with Nemid)

    Send secure electronic mail via professional secure mail solution

    Via a professional secure mail solution, companies and authorities can send securely to one of the mailboxes below if they have customized their program to be able to send secure emails. It is only possible to send securely if you encrypt the email when you send.

    This is how we process secure electronic mail in Innovation Fund Denmark

    When you send secure electronic mail to the Innovation Fund, it is received in a secure main mailbox. We make sure that the mail is sent safely to the relevant employee. You can make our work easier if you write who or what area the inquiry is for.

    When we receive secure electronic mail, we generally also respond via secure electronic mail.

    Open section, Employees
    EAN and CVR
    Open section, EAN and CVR

    EAN: 5798000432864

    CVR: 29035695

    Logo and guidelines
    Download logo in different formats
    Open section, Download logo in different formats
    Guidelines for mentioning investments where Innovation Fund Denmark participates
    Open section,  Guidelines for mentioning investments where Innovation Fund Denmark participates

    When referring to projects with investment from Innovation Fund Denmark, the people involved must always ensure that it is clear that this is a project together with Innovation Fund Denmark.

    The English term is: Innovation Fund Denmark

    When Innovation Fund Denmark is mentioned on websites, publications, presentation plans, brochures and the like, please use the official logo.

    Please refer to Innovation Fund Denmark's website with the following address: www.innovationsfonden.dk

    By mention in articles, Powerpoints and other forms of documentation. Please use the following text:

    Acknowledgments: «This work is partly funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) under File No. ___. "

    Please use following fact box  about the fund if needed: 

    Innovation Fund Denmark
    Innovation Fund Denmark invests in entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses that create value for Denmark and new solutions to our society’s biggest challenges - and supports the development of new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark.

    Danish Innovation Sounding Board
    Open section, Danish Innovation Sounding Board

    Innovationsfonden har samlet aktørerne i det danske forsknings- og innovationssystem i Danish Innovation Sounding Board. Det er sket som led i implementeringen af fondens nye strategi. Panelet skal bidrage til at sikre, at strategien er forankret i det samlede innovationssystems behov og muligheder og bane vej for at realisere det store innovationspotentiale i Danmark. Panelet mødes flere gange om året. 

    Se listen over medlemmer her

    Grøn projektbank
    Open section, Grøn projektbank


    Grøn projektbank er et samarbejde mellem Miljø- og Fødevareministeriet og Innovationsfonden under Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet.

    I Grøn Projektbank kan du finde alle projekter med støtte fra GUDP og MUDP samt Innovationsfondens bioressourceområde i databasen.

    Grøn Projektbank blev etableret i 2019.

    Open section, Virksomhedsguiden


    Virksomhedsguiden er et digitalt redskab for virksomheder og erhvervsfremmeaktører, der samler indhold og tilbud på tværs af myndigheder og erhvervsfremmeaktører til gavn for virksomhederne.

    Virksomhedsguiden samler vejledning på tværs af 16 forskellige myndigheder, de 6 nye erhvervshuse, kommunerne samt erhvervsfremmetilbud fra over 80 erhvervsfremmeaktører.

    Virksomhedsguiden blev etableret i juni 2019.

    Open section, Vækstfonden


    Vækstfonden er statens finansieringsfond, som arbejder for at styrke danske virksomheders adgang til risikovillig kapital, så de kan skabe ny innovation, vækst og arbejdspladser.

    Reports, evaluations and other publications
    Open section, Reports, evaluations and other publications
    Social Media
    Follow Innovation Fund Denmark
    Open section, Follow Innovation Fund Denmark