The Future Society

Application deadline

August 14, 2018 - 12:00pm

Investments in “The Future Society” must create value for Denmark and the Danish society through new innovative solutions to the challenges facing society. Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) wishes to support social, environmental and economic value creation in society and enable national and global growth. At the same time, IFD wishes to contribute to the development and transition of the Danish society to ensure a coherent and well-functioning society.

It is IFD’s objective with “The Future Society” 2018-2020 to invest in value-creating research and innovation projects with a significant potential for solving important societal challenges.

Investment Areas and theme-specific strategy
IFD’s investment strategy, “The Future Society” 2018-2020, describes several examples of challenges in society and for the citizens. These are grouped into five main themes: 1. Social challenges in society; 2. The labour market and working life; 3. Educational needs and new learning requirements; 4. The public sector and innovative initiatives; 5. Consumption and individualisation. IFD is calling for applications that have the ambition to address these challenges in an innovative way. Thus, IFD prioritises challenge-driven, problem-based and application-oriented strategic research which - by use of e.g. new methods and theories and always in close collaboration with the parties relevant for the specific project issues - strives to make a difference to society.

The five prioritised themes are not exhaustive, and investments may be made in projects that take on other pertinent issues where the solutions are creating value for the project participants and for society. IFD prioritises research that is solution-oriented and cross-disciplinary and favours projects that include public-private cooperation and internationalisation. It is expected that the relevant parties, such as users and other beneficiaries, will be involved in the activities and development of the project as well as the possible testing of results. IFD invests in the good project that lacks the final steps in order to be ready for the market as well as in the early strategic research project where targeted efforts and cooperation with the most competent international and/or Danish partners from relevant professional disciplines are crucial. The projects may include knowledge building in areas where a qualified knowledge base is lacking. IFD wishes that the results may be disseminated for broad social impact. Therefore, the call optimally applies to projects where a concrete impact is achieved and where the qualified knowledge base is tested in practice.

For all five themes, value creation shall be understood in broad terms as new knowledge and/or innovation that - based on proven solutions - can help improve the conditions for the population and society.
Likewise, it will be emphasised by IFD that the project’s beneficiaries/end-users and core stakeholders join in the formation of the project as early as possible.  It is also important for IFD that the project partners themselves are able to ensure implementation and to promote the results or have beneficiaries who may invest in or take over the project after IFD’s investment period.

Assessment Criteria

The overall assessment criteria are:

  • Quality of research and innovation
  • Value creation
  • Efficiency and implementation

In connection with applications for Grand Solutions 2018, value creation is to be understood in broad terms as targeted activities that lead to increased growth and employment through e.g. development of new products and services, creation of more and more intelligent jobs, increased productivity, fewer societal costs, reduced resource consumption or environmental impact as well as to solutions to major societal problems.

In addition to the above assessment criteria, reference is made to “Guidelines for Grand Solutions 2018”.

This application is part of

Grand Solutions 2018

  • Call 2018: The Future Society
  • Application deadline: 14 August 2018, at 12:00 CET
  • Grand Solutions: Typical duration 2-5 years
  • In 2018, the budget is DKK 30 mill.



Bettina Hauge
Tlf: 6190 5006

Klaus Rosenfeldt Jakobsen
Tlf: 6190 5041

Allocation of funds will be made based on the 2018 Finance Act, Agreement on Allocation of the Research Reserve for 2018, RESEARCH2025 and IFD’s investment strategy “The Future Society” 2018-2020.