Industrial Postdoc

Application deadline

February 6, 2018 - 12:00pm

An Industrial Postdoc project is a collaboration between an Industrial Postdoc, a company and and a research institution about solving specific research tasks.

  • An Industrial Postdoc is employed in the private sector company and collaborates with the research institution.
  • The private sector company applies for project funding from Innovation Fund Denmark. 
  • The Industrial Postdoc is employed with a salary in the company during the project. 

What do you get out of an Industrial Postdoc project?

  • The project gives the Industrial Postdoc a unique competency boost in her/his career development by combining research competencies with a business sector mindset and experiences.
  • The company has the possibility of solving specific research and development tasks whilst strengthening its relations to existing and new collaboration partners at universities.
  • The public sector research institution strengthens its relations to the business sector, and a foundation for new research is created.

Latest news

  • 24.09.2017: Application deadline 25 September at 12 noon moved to 28 September at 12 noon
    Read more here
  • 13.03.2017: Supplemental guidelines for Industrial Researcher in the public sector publicised
    Find them here
  • 30.01.2017: DKK 10 mill. in 2017 for Industrial Researcher projects within bioresources
    Find the special Industrial Researcher call here
  • 20.01.2017: Updated guidelines
    Guidelines for Industrial Postdoc have been updated. Read them here
  • 21.12.2016: DKK 10 mill. have been allocated for public sector Industrial Researcher projects
    The application deadline is 12 noon on 9 October 2017. Further details on guidelines and criteria will follow in the beginning of 2017.

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Application deadlines


  • Tuesday 6 February at 12 noon (reg. Industrial Postdoc) - final response beginning of April
  • Wednesday 2 May at 12 noon (reg. Industrial Postdoc) - final response beginning  of July
  • Tuesday 25 September at 12 noon (reg. Industrial Postdoc) - final response end of November



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