Industrial Researcher: Bioresources

Application deadline

September 25, 2017 - 12:00pm

Bioresources and relations between food, health and lifestyle.

April 04, 2017

What can you apply for?
Within this call, Innovation Fund Denmark would like to see Industrial PhD and Industrial Postdoc applications that develop and utilise new knowledge about food, health, lifestyle, consumer aspects, and their relations.

This also includes bio-production, incl. bioeconomy, climate and environmental factors, regulation and societal effects, and their relationship.

Innovation Fund Denmark would also like to see applications focusing on Danish positions of strength in organic foods etc. Additionally, food waste is an increasingly large problem in modern society. Accordingly Innovation Fund Denmark would also like to see projects aiming at preventing food waste.

If the application fits better into the regular Industrial Researcher pool, we will contact you about moving the application to this pool before any final decision is made. We will not move your application without your acceptance.

Additional terms
The applications must follow the guidelines for the Industrial Researcher project type applied for – Industrial PhD or Industrial Postdoc. This means that the applications must also meet all other requirements for respectively Industrial PhD or Industrial Postdoc.

You can find these in the Guidelines for Industrial PhD and the Guidelines for Industrial Postdoc.

Here you will also find the project structure, participant and project requirements, assessment procedure and conditions for financing described.

This application is part of

Guidelines and information

Industrial PhD

Guidelines and information

Industrial Postdoc


  • Same deadlines as regular Industrial PhD and Industrial Postdoc


  • DKK 10 mill.

How to apply

  • You submit the application via the ordinary application entries for Industrial Researcher. Choose
    ‘Bioresources’ in the first step after the introduction in the application form.