Do you have a good idea? Let’s boost it – we invest in Innovative Ideas with clear and ambitious goals.

Do you have a good idea with potential to create business?

This could be an idea for a new product, a new service or improvement of a process to increase your company’s competitiveness. Does this idea require that you bring new knowledge into your company, for example though collaboration with knowledge institutions or a private development company, or by employing a new member of staff with specific competences? Then applying for an investment via InnoBooster could be relevant.

InnoBooster invests in knowledge-based innovative projects from small and medium sized companies, start-ups and scientists. When investing in your company we do not want shares in your company nor do we want you to pay back the investment - but we do expect that your idea has potential and that the project is well thought through.

Depending on your need and perspective we can invest up to DKK 5 mio. Be aware that there are significant differences in the requirements of a project for DKK 100.000 and a project for DKK 500.000. Likewise, there is a significant difference in the requirements of projects for DKK 500.000 and DKK 5 mio.

It is therefore important to find the right balance between the investment amount you apply for and the expected commercial gain as well as the risks, process and outcome of the project.

InnoBooster assesses the applications as they are submitted, so you can submit your application whenever it fits with the company’s development plans.

We aim to get back to you within a month.

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