New Technological Opportunities

Application deadline

February 20, 2018 - 12:00pm

The Danish society is constantly changing, with new needs, new challenges and new technological opportunities.

With this call, Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) addresses cross-disciplinary issues, challenges and needs, nationally as well as internationally, where research and innovation will create value for Denmark, among other things, by creating solutions to social challenges, and hereby creating growth and employment in Denmark – short and long-term. Therefore, “New Technological Opportunities” covers research and new value-adding approaches to specific problems, where new or known technologies used in a new and productive way, opening up for unprecedented social and market opportunities.

The research and innovation projects must address societal and industrial needs for knowledge-based solutions to challenges in the Danish society. Innovative products, services and processes should be created, and has to be the driving force for the future economic and societal development, thus helping Danish public and private companies to maintain and develop their competitiveness, i.e. through cross-disciplinary initiatives. The aim is that the initiatives should help to ensure that the Danish partners can maintain and develop their competitiveness in the national and/or the global market.

All projects must have a clear beneficiary/end-user and/or they should reach a point where others are willing to invest in the project. Issues, challenges and needs must be clearly defined and documentable. The products or solutions should be unique, i.e. similar products must not be available. In addition, value creation must be measurable (e.g. through monetary and/or social or societal goals).

With investments in research and innovation related to “New Technological opportunities” IFD addresses cross-disciplinary technologies and solutions of the future driving force for economic development and to the solution of significant problems. More information can be found in the FORSK2025 catalogue under “new technological opportunities”.

Objectives and Investment Areas
IFD invests in “new technological opportunities” to ensure the development and application of new interdisciplinary and advanced solutions in all areas in the Danish society can create measurable value and increased growth.

The call includes the new technological opportunities containing among other – and not restricted to:

  • Production technology and systems, focussing on solutions that generate measurable value through optimisation or solutions of specific challenges in the production industry. The aim should be to strengthen the Danish manufacturing companies’ competitiveness, and in 2018 there will be particular focus on applications, which can help manufacturing companies in the SME segment to convert their production to the new technological opportunities. For further description of IFD´s strategy on the production area see IFD´s investment strategy in this area (industry 4.0).
  • ICT, Digitisation and Big Data. Special focus will be on radical and disruptive ideas, which open up new markets, or solve existing problems in a more productive way. Incremental (step-by-step) solutions are welcomed, provided a large market potential can be documented. For further description of IFD´s strategy for ICT Innovation and digitisation see IFD´s investment strategy in this area.
  • Cyber Security supports the many digital technologies, where data security is an important element. There will be special focus on generic and scalable solutions that address key issues related to Cyber Security, as well as to focus on solutions with large market potential.
  • Drone technology, targets value creation for Denmark through the exploitation of the opportunities in the use of drones, as well as the development of new technologies in the field. Efforts must be made in conjunction with the drone-sector and with a special focus on the development of 1) services based on the drone generated data and 2) drones’ ability to operate in a stable and flexible manner, taking account of air traffic security and privacy. For more details please refer to the national drone strategy dated September 23, 2016.
  • Bio- and Life science, focusing on radical technologies in Life science in the broad sense. The area includes e.g. synthetic biology and future cell factories, structure and function of biomolecules, colloidal systems and interfaces, computational biology, genomics, vaccine and immunity research, microbiology and neuroscience.
  • Materials, where focus is on the identification and modelling of specific organic and inorganic material technological issues as well as the improvement and development of new materials and new uses of existing materials. It is the goal that the projects, via a linkage to corporate product development, lead to the maintaining and/or expanding of Danish strongholds and thereby maintaining the competitiveness of Danish companies. In addition IFD invests in projects that strengthen the potential of the European Spallation Source (ESS), as described in FORSK2025 and ESS-strategy. The budget can e.g. support activities related to ESS  lighthouse projects.
  • Energy, focusing on solutions to the challenges related to the restructuring of the energy sector, from a key fossil based energy system to distributed generation of renewable energy. The focus is on the digital conversion in conjunction with the electrification of the future intelligent energy system, including the link between production and consumption of energy. There is also focus on cross-disciplinary collaborations where competencies within e.g. surface physics, electrochemistry and catalysis are the basis for new technological breakthroughs in energy storage and conversion.

Theme Specific Strategy
Innovation/value creation in applications within “New Technological Opportunities” is broadly understood as growth and employment through e.g. strategic research projects, development and commercialisation of products (sales, export, profit), increased productivity in businesses, reduction of costs, and/or reduced resource consumption etc. that help to develop and maintain the competitiveness of public and private Danish companies and their increase efficiency. In addition, value creation may occur through the use of technologies or strategic research that creates solutions to key societal challenges. Please see IFD´s strategy on “Future Society”.

IFD invests in strategic research projects and innovative approaches within “New Technological Opportunities” which has clearly defined goals and expected effect(s). It is important that the goal is clearly defined, that the road to the goal is clearly described, and that the Consortium possesses the necessary competencies. The solutions must have a significant market or social potential in the short or long term. It is not a requirement that the project must result in a commercial product, but on the other hand, the knowledge generated in the project create value by bringing the solution to a well-defined step further.

Assessment Criteria
Reference is made to “Guidelines for Grand Solutions 2018”.

The allocation of funds is based on the National Budget 2018, the 2018 Agreement on Allocation of the Research Reserve, FORSK2025, including the listed pointers for the allocation in FORSK2025, and Innovation Fund Denmark’s Investment Strategy for ICT.

This application is part of

Grand Solutions 2018

  • Deadline: February 20, 2018 at 12:00 CET and August 2018
  • Typically 2-5 years and investments typically around DKK 5-30 million
  • The 2018 budget is approx. DKK 136 million (deadline February) and approx. DKK 70 million (deadline August)


The calls may be subject to changes deriving from amendments in the final National Budget 2018.


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