New Technological Opportunities II

Application deadline

August 14, 2018 - 12:00pm

The Danish society is constantly changing, with new needs, new challenges and new technological opportunities.

With this call, Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) addresses cross-disciplinary issues, challenges and needs, nationally as well as internationally, where research and innovation are the value-creating element for Denmark. This must be achieved through development of solutions to challenges in the Danish society which - in the short or long term - will create growth and employment in Denmark.

The call ”New Technological Opportunities” thus covers knowledge-based and cross-disciplinary solutions to concrete issues and challenges in the Danish society that will pave the way for unprecedented societal and market opportunities.

Investment Areas
The call addresses a highly cross-disciplinary development of services, innovative products and/or processes within all areas. It is the ambition that the results shall drive the future economic and/or societal development forward, e.g. by aiming to ensure that Danish public and private companies maintain and expand their competitiveness, nationally and/or on the global market.

Examples of investment areas are: energy technology, bio and life sciences, development of materials, production technology and systems, drone technology, digitalisation and big data as well as strengthening of cyber and information security in Denmark. The call also supports the establishment of lighthouse environments centred around the European Spallation Source (ESS), as described in RESEARCH2025 and the ESS Strategy.

In addition, reference is made to the themes of the RESEARCH2025 catalogue in general, including ”New Technological Opportunities”, the 2018 Finance Act and the Agreement on the Allocation of the Research Reserve for 2018.

Theme-Specific Strategy
Applications within ”New Technological Opportunities” shall be relative to strategic research projects as well as innovation/value creation in broad terms in the form of growth and employment through e.g. solutions to social/societal challenges, building of new knowledge, development and commercialisation of products (sales, exports, profits), increased productivity of companies, cost reduction and/or reduced resource consumption, etc. This will help to develop and maintain the competitiveness of Danish public and private companies and increase their efficiency. In addition, value creation can be achieved through the use of cross-disciplinary technologies and strategic research that supports the solution to key societal challenges. In this respect, reference is made to IFD’s strategy for the Future Society as well as IFD’s strategies within the areas of Industry 4.0, ICT and Digitalisation, Energy, Health, Environment, Bioresources and Tourism.

All projects must have a distinct beneficiary/end-user and/or lead to investible solutions - in the short or long term. Issues, challenges and needs must be documented and clearly described, and there must be no already existing solutions. In addition, the value creation must be measurable (e.g. socially and/or monetarily).

IFD invests in strategic research projects and innovative solutions within “New Technological Opportunities” which have clearly defined objectives and expected impact(s). It is important that the objective is clearly defined and that the path to the objective is rendered probable, hereunder that the consortium possesses the necessary skills. The solutions must have a significant societal or market potential in the short or long term. It is not a requirement that the project shall result in a commercial product, but rather that knowledge generated by the project creates value by bringing the process toward new solutions a well-defined step forward.

Assessment Criteria

The overall assessment criteria are:

  • Quality of research and innovation
  • Value creation
  • Efficiency and implementation

In connection with applications for Grand Solution 2018 “New Technological Opportunities”, value creation shall be understood in broad terms as targeted activities that lead to increased growth and employment, e.g. by development of new products and services, creation of more and value-creating jobs, increased productivity, less societal costs, reduced resource consumption or environmental impact or by solving major societal problems.

The partners must account for the specific value creation of the project. Value creation shall not be understood as just monetary value, but may also be e.g. increased quality of life, cleaner environment, etc. It is the applicant’s responsibility to account for the various types of value creation.

IFD will favour projects that create measurable value for Denmark and the Danish society. The project must have a significant potential and result in new solutions or products, e.g. through the development and use of new unconventional, possibly disruptive business models, methods, smart regulations etc.

Specifically, the applications will be assessed based on the qualities of the project in terms of research and innovation in a global perspective in relation to an articulated or latent need, state-of-the-art, directly competing or closely related scientific or technological solutions, the scalability of the solution, technical, regulatory and market risks, the risk management of the project plan and the feasibility of the project. In addition, the development rate, effective use of invested resources, managerial and professional skills and the subsequent effective implementation of the project results nationally and/or globally will be carefully assessed. The value creation of the project will be assessed in relation to the size of the investment.

Likewise, it will be emphasised that the project’s beneficiaries/end-users and core stakeholders contribute to the formation of the project, participate in the project or are otherwise directly involved in the project, e.g. through investments.

In addition to the above assessment criteria, reference is made to “Guidelines for Grand Solutions 2018”.

This application is part of

Grand Solutions 2018

  • Call 2018: New Technological Opportunities II
  • Application deadline: 14 August 2018, at 12:00 CET
  • Grand Solutions: Typical duration 2-5 years
  • In 2018, the budget for this call is approx. DKK 70 mill.



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Jens Peter Vittrup
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The allocation of funds is based on the National Budget 2018, the 2018 Agreement on Allocation of the Research Reserve, FORSK2025, including the listed pointers for the allocation in FORSK2025, and Innovation Fund Denmark’s Investment Strategies for ICT, Health, Society, Energy, Environment, Bioresources and Industry 4.0.