Open call 2017

Application deadline

June 13, 2017 - 3:00pm

With “open call”, Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) wants to invest in projects with a significant potential for growth, e.g. arising from the interface between traditionally separated scientific disciplines – or from new and emerging disciplines or business models.

Through the ”open call”, Innovation Fund Denmark wishes to strengthen knowledge-based projects, which lead to increased growth and employment in Denmark and/or solves important societal challenges. IFD wants excellent and inspiring projects, which may have a significant element of risk and a correspondingly large potential for value creation.

The purpose of IFD ´s investments within the “open call” is to strengthen the most value creating and unusual, preferably disruptive, innovation projects, which span different disciplines of science or lie outside the framework of the theme-specific calls.
Strategy for open call
IFD invests in projects anywhere in the innovation value chain, which are in need of resources to overcome specific barriers or risks. This means that IFD invests in the high-quality project only a few steps from successful introduction to a market or from implementation – or in the early strategic research project, where a focused effort and collaboration with the most competent international and Danish partners are essential.

The investment of the IFD will normally not bring a project all the way through the innovation value chain. It is therefore essential that the project partners themselves are able to bring the result to the market or to implementation – or have a beneficiary, who can invest in or take over the project after the expiration of the IFD investment period.

IFD also welcomes projects with focus on increased productivity in the private or public sector, e.g. within administration, service or finance, and further welcomes, e.g., new and untraditional business models to capture the value creation in the project.

Assessment Criteria
In terms of applications for Grand Solution 2017 ”open call”, value creation is defined broadly as activities resulting in increased growth and employment, e.g., through the development of new products and services, new permanent jobs, increased productivity, reduced societal costs, reduced  consumption of resources  or reduced environmental footprint as well as solutions for societal challenges.

The project partners should explain the specific value creation – like development of a prototype, a process or a new service – and how the results of the project specifically can proceed through the innovation value chain to the market or other implementation into society. It is emphasised that value creation is not merely to be interpreted as monetary value, but may also be increased quality of life or a cleaner environment etc.

It is important to IFD that the project creates measurable value for the Danish society, has a global potential, and that the project, e.g. through development and application of untraditional, possibly disruptive, business models, methods or by other means, captures the value creation in the short or long time perspective.

The applications will be specifically assessed on the degree of innovation in a global perspective in relation to an articulated or unmet need, state-of-the-art, directly competing or adjacent scientific or technological solutions, scalability of the solution, technical and market risks, risk management in the project plan, the feasibility of the project, speed of development and efficient use of the invested resources, competences to secure the success of the project, and subsequent efficient implementation of the project results nationally and/or globally. The value creation in the project will be assessed in relation to the size of the investment.

It is also deemed important that the beneficiaries and core stakeholders join in shaping the project, participate in the project or are otherwise directly involved in the project, e.g. through an investment.

In addition to the above assessment criteria, reference is made to “Guidelines for Grand Solutions 2017”.

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  • Deadline: June 13, 2017 at 15:00 CET
  • Grand Solutions: Typically 2-5 years
  • The 2017 budget is approximately DKK 130 million




Lars Winther, Senior Scientific Officer
Tlf. 6190 5036

Thomas Mathiasen
Tlf. 6190 5063

Sune Dalgaard Ebbesen
Tlf. 6190 5018

Klaus Rosenfeldt Jakobsen
Tlf. 6190 5041

Michael Hansen
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