Smart Buildings & Smart Cities: Balancing Technology and People

Application deadline

September 28, 2017 - 12:00pm
April 06, 2017

Innovation Fund Denmark and Realdania are investing in approx. 10 industrial researcher projects aimed to develop and concretise the field of smart buildings and smart cities by focussing in particular on the human role here. 

As part of Innovation Fund Denmark’s efforts to support innovation and growth in Denmark, the foundation in collaboration with Realdania now seeks to strengthen innovation and growth in the industry supplying solutions to the built environment. The joint ambition is to ensure that more companies within the industry improve their ability to combine experience-based and knowledge-based elements in their innovation efforts.

Therefore, Innovation Fund Denmark and Realdania have each allocated approx. DKK 10 million for Industrial PhD- and Industrial Postdoc projects that can contribute to developing the sustainable cities of the future focussing on technology and people. In the call to the right you can read more about the field at which the funding is targeted and about the terms and conditions that apply to these projects. 

What Is a Smart City?

  • The term smart city describes the fact that technology has come to play a far greater role in our cities than previously. Cities and citizens worldwide are increasingly being equipped with sensors collecting information on anything from people’s movements to the quality of the air they breathe. And the cities are becoming smarter, containing anything from surveillance to traffic control and resource management.

  • Actors working with smart cities use information and communication technologies to address the complex data interplay with a view to increasing the correlation between the flows of the city.

  • The overall driver is most often a sustainability agenda aimed at limiting the cities’ resource consumption or at increasing the efficiency of operations.

  • The smart city concept is used within both the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities, which in their unique ways and from their unique perspectives focus on the interplay between city (hardware), information and communication technologies (software) and humans (humanware).

Read more about Smart Cities.

What Is a Smart Building?

  • Smart building, which is part of the smart city concept, focusses more specifically at the built environment.

  • The concept covers well-being and productivity as well as lifecycle costs and total costs of ownership, which means that truly smart buildings are the ones that deliver the best environmental, social and financial results.

  • There is no generally approved definition of smart building, but a series of definitions of the concept are available here. The focus on humans in the last of these definitions concerning the ‘human touch’ is vital and very much in tune with the focus of this call.

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  • Innovation Fund and Realdania/BLOXHUB will host an info meeting about the call. Innovation Fund will describe how to write a good application and establish a good project while Realdania/BLOXHUB will describe how you can use BLOXHUB during a project.

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