Special Industrial PhD call within the dementia area

Application deadline

September 25, 2018 - 12:00pm

The government and the rate adjustment pool agreement (DK: satspuljen) parties have allocated DKK 5.5 mill. in 2018-2019 for Industrial PhD projects focusing on the dementia area.

December 20, 2017

DKK 2.2 mill. of the DKK 5.5 mill. are available for application in 2018. The remaining DKK 3.3 mill. will be available in 2019.

Both private and public sector organisations may apply.

The projects can be about research within the health sciences, social methods or technological knowledge. The research must support the professional objectives for the area, including taking the framework also described in the dementia action plan as a starting point and contributing to the framework. Ie. ensuring that relevant research based knowledge about methods and initiatives concerning prevention, treatment as well as care and rehabilitation within the social and health care area is available.

The national dementia action plan can be found here (in Danish):


Additional terms
Applications must meet all other Industrial PhD requirements. You can find these in the Guidelines for Industrial PhD. Here the project structure, participant and project requirements, assessment procedure and conditions for financing are also described.

If a public sector organisation is applying, the application must also meet the requirements in the Guidelines for Industrial Researcher in the public sector valid at the time of applying.

This application is part of

Guides and advice


2 May 2018

  • If any funding remains from this deadline, it is possible to apply for them again at the deadline 25 September.


DKK 2.2 mill. in 2018

  • The call is conditional on the national budget for 2018 implementing the rate adjustment pool agreement (DK: satspuljeaftale) for 2018 as agreed.

How to apply

You submit the application via the ordinary application entries for Industrial Researcher. Choose ‘The dementia area’ in the first step after the introduction in the application form.