Focus area

Three politically specific focus areas

In the agreement on the research reserve 2021, the politicians have identified three themes that form the framework for Innovation Fund Denmark's investments in the future.

Climate, environment and green change

Climate change places great demands on our ability to find technological and innovative solutions that can accelerate the green transition. Both in Denmark and in the rest of the world. Innovation Fund Denmark contributes to solving the climate challenges by investing in green research and innovation and by building bridges between researchers and companies.

Life science, health and welfare technology

Innovation Fund Denmark supports Denmark's strong knowledge and research position in life science, health and welfare technology by investing in research and innovation projects that develop solutions and technologies that benefit citizens 'health, companies' bottom line and Denmark's international competitiveness.

Technology and innovation that creates value and growth

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and the utilization of technological opportunities and innovation that can contribute to creating growth and value in Denmark.