Guidelines and special calls for Industrial Postdoc

Find the Guidelines and special calls for Industrial Postdoc here

The Guidelines for Industrial Postdoc is the document that establishes the terms for Industrial Postdoc application, project structure and financing. You can find the guidelines to the right.

The guidelines have been updated 20 January 2017. Changes apply only for applications submitted from 2017 onwards. Significant changes since last edition of the guidelines are:

  • Company subsidy is paid out in advance
    Companies now receive 85 pct. of their subsidy at project commencement. At project end accounts are settled, and the company either receives the remaining earned subsidy or returns unused funding,
  • Relation with company and research institution
    The project must have a structure and an allocation of the Industrial Postdoc’s time which fits the project while also creating a relation with both the company and the research institution, involving the Industrial Postdoc in both working environments.
  • Evaluation of project from project parties
    Instead of a single status meeting with Innovation Fund Denmark, the project parties are now to evaluate the results, impact and collaboration process of the project at project end.
  • A candidate may now have a five year old PhD instead of three
    Up until now, an Industrial Postdoc candidate has had to have a PhD degree no more than three years old. This is now increased to five years.
  • Criterion on industrial research experience replaced by criterion on private sector employment
    ​Instead of requiring that the Industrial Postdoc cannot have significant experience with industrial research, it is now private sector employment which cannot have a significant extent from and including the start of the PhD education. 
Supplemental guidelines for public sector Industrial Researcher
The regular Industrial Postdoc programme is for private sector enterprises. If an organisation is not categorised as part of the private sector according to the guidelines, it can instead apply for Industrial Postdoc in the public sector.

The deadline for applications to Public sector Industrial Postdoc projects is Tuesday 9 October 2018 at 12 noon.
Budget: DKK 10 mill.
Special Industrial Researcher calls 2018
Bioresources - food, ingredients and other biological products
Deadline: Same deadlines as regular Industrial PhD and Industrial Postdoc
Budget: DKK 15 mill.

The budget is distributed proportionally across the deadlines 6 February, 2 May and 25 September. Read more in the call, which you can find on the right.