How to apply

Here you can find information on how to apply and all the necessary templates for an Industrial PhD application

Industrial PhD applications are submitted using the e-grant system. On the application form you enter information about the project and participants, and attach a number of appendices in PDF format. The application form itself has instructions about the information you have to provide. You can find a printout of the application form at the top of the column on the right.

NB: It must be the project’s company supervisor who creates the application. The company supervisor can then invite others in to work on the application.

The following appendices must be attached to the application:

  • Project description (includes description of company and university)
  • CV for every supervisor at max. two pages
    • CVs for company supervisors must list educations
    • CVs for university supervisors must include a list of selected publications
  • Signatures
  • CV and exam diplomas for the candidate
  • For a Danish education: Grade calculation form
  • For a non-Danish education: Documentation for the candidate’s grade level placement relative to the graduation class within the field

For the project description, grade calculation and signature appendices, you must use the templates available on the right. 

A private sector company can apply without a candidate. Final approval is given on the condition that the company subsequently finds a qualified candidate. If the application is with an Industrial PhD candidate, simply attach empty appendices in place of the appendices about the candidate.