How to apply

Information on how to apply and all the necessary templates for an Industrial Postdoc application

Industrial Postdoc applications are submitted using the e-grant system. On the application form you must enter information about the project and participants and attach a number of appendices in PDF file format. The e-grant application form itself contains instructions about the information you have to provide. You can find a printout of the application form at the top of the column on the right.

Please note: It must be the project’s company mentor who creates the application. The company mentor can then allow others to edit the application from within the system.

The following appendices must be attached to the application:

  • Project description (includes description of company and university)
  • Project budget for any research institution (the company’s budget is stated in the e-grant application form itself)
  • CV for every mentor at max. two pages
    • The CVs should state any publications and patents
  • The Industrial Postdoc candidate’s CV
  • The Industrial Postdoc candidate’s PhD degree diploma or a statement from the main PhD supervisor that PhD thesis submission and a successful defense is expected within six months of the application deadline
  • Signatures

For the project description, the research institution’s project budget and the signatures appendices you must use the templates available on the right.