Innoexplorer panel members

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The criteria for being appointed to the committee are that the member possesses the latest knowledge within his / her subject area, has a minimum of 5 years' professional experience within his / her subject area, has significant insight into the commercialization of research, has significant insight into entrepreneurship and / or business development. masters English and Danish at a professional level.


The entire committee is set up with a focus on ensuring the necessary breadth in the competence level. In addition, the committee is composed based on diversity, eg within gender identity, geographical affiliation, academic / professional background and international experience.


See Innoexplorer panel selection below.

Peter Kristensen (front person)
Konsulent, PKristensen Consulting

Ask Agger
CEO, Workz A/S

Birgitte Brinch Madsen
Betyrelsesformand og bestyrelsesmedlem

Christian Brix Tillegreen
Senior Officer, BioInnovation Institute

Christina Aabo
Consultant, Aabo Energy

Claus Skaanning
CEO, DigiShares

Daniel Gjøde
Founding Partner, Stupid Studio

Henrik Dalbøge
Board Member, Grøn Gas A/S

Jacob Høj Jørgensen
Chefkonsulent, Delendorff Advisory ApS

Jan Mousing
CEO, Plancarb /

Jimmy Alison Jørgensen
CTO, Nordbo Robotics A/S

John Haurum
Advisor and Nonexecutive Director to Biotech Companies

Kim Grøn Knudsen
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Haldor Topsøe

Lars Struwe Christensen
CEO, Urban Development Technologies ApS

Lea Bjerre Hokland 
Quality Assurance Specialist, Novo Nordisk

Line Hartvig
Konsulent, Lhartvig

Lisbeth Valther
Strategic Advisor, ViaScope DK

Lise Abildgaard Ryberg
Senior Advisor, European Patent Attorney

Martin Vesterby
Health Tech Adoption Manager, Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

Mette Munch
CEO, AddAction Advice

Mie Haraldsted
CEO, Aim Robotics ApS

Mikkel Agerbæk
Director, Teknologisk Institut

Morten Gransøe
CEO, Gransøe Consulting ApS

Morten Wagner
Head Of Department, Force technology

Niels Kaalund Retbøll

Per Fischer
CEO, Fischer Bioconsult ApS

Susie A. Ruff
Consultant, RUFF & CO

Tenna Korsbek Andreasen
CEO, Korsbek Advice