Industrial Researcher

Are you a research talent with an appetite for a career in the business sector?

Or are you a company or a research institution with an idea for a research project that can create commercial value for the company? Innovation Fund Denmark invests in industrially focused PhD and Postdoc projects.

The Industrial Researcher Programme invests in Industrial PhD and Postdoc projects. In both project types the candidate is employed in a private company and enrolled at or collaborates with a public sector research organisation. The candidate works on the same project at both places. Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research projects within all research fields, provided the research project is of a high quality and is commercially relevant to the company.

Our requirements:

  • An Industrial PhD candidate must have a master’s degree education
  • An Industrial Postdoc candidate must have obtained a PhD degree within the past five years 
  • The same research project is carried out at both the university and the company 
  • The Industrial Researcher and the research project must offer the company the possibility of solving specific research and development tasks that create growth and employment
  • The Industrial Researcher and the research project must strengthen the relationship between the business sector and the university, and create the potential for new research

Current possibilities

An Industrial PhD is a three-year industrially focused research project and PhD education which is carried out in a collaboration between a company, an Industrial PhD candidate and a university.

An Industrial Postdoc project is a collaboration between an Industrial Postdoc, a company and and a research institution about solving specific research tasks.

Bioresources – food, ingredients and other biological products.

The government and the rate adjustment pool agreement (DK: satspuljen) parties have allocated DKK 5.5 mill. in 2018-2019 for Industrial PhD projects focusing on the dementia area.


Application deadlines


  • Tuesday 6 February at 12 noon - reg. Industrial PhD and Postdoc
  • Wednesday 2 May at 12 noon - reg. Industrial PhD and Postdoc
  • Tuesday 25 September at 12 noon - reg. Industrial PhD and Postdoc

Public sector Industrial Researcher projects

DKK 10 mill. have been allocated in 2017 for public sector Industrial PhD and Postdoc projects.

No decision has been made yet concerning a similar call in 2018. If a call is made, the deadline will be in September/October 2018. We will announce this on this website and in our newsletter.


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