Are you an aspiring entrepreneur and innovator? And did you recently or will you soon graduate from a higher education program?

Our wish is that more graduate talents start innovative companies. In order to achieve this we offer a one-year incubator program with advising and funding for new graduates with an innovative and scalable business idea.

Who is the incubator for?

You can apply to become InnoFounder (the former name was Entrepreneurial Pilot), if you have just graduated or if you are soon graduating from a Danish higher education institution. Also you need to have an innovative business idea with a potential to develop it further.

You can apply either individually or as a team of up to three people. We recommend that you have a competent, multidisciplinary team complementing you, or that you early in the program establish this, since it is vital for success.

What does the program include?

As an InnoFounder you receive guidance and funding for 12 months. We offer:

  • A monthly grant of DKK 15,000.
  • A special grant of DKK 35,000 to support the development of your business idea.
  • A place in an inspiring co-working space in Aalborg, Aarhus, Sønderborg, Odense or Copenhagen.
  • An experienced mentor, who will follow your team throughout the course.
  • Workshops with other InnoFounders featuring world class experts.
  • Access to the InnoFounder community of investors, startups and corporate professionals in Denmark and internationally.

The InnoFounder incubator is design-driven, which means that the programme is based on user oriented and creative problem solving.

Current possibilities

InnoFounder is a design driven incubator for recent graduates from Danish accredited educations.




Application deadline

Autumn: November 15th 2018 at 12:00

You can apply via e-grant 6 weeks prior to the deadline 


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The InnoFounder panel

The InnoFounder panel participates in
assessing the applications. Read more 


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