International collaborations

Innovation Fund Denmark participates in several strategic international programmes and schemes which aim is to promote Danish commitment in international research and innovation.

The international programmes are linked to Innovation Fund Denmark’s national programmes and very much reflects Innovation Fund Denmark’s strategic impetus. The purpose is to develop knowledge and solutions that strengthen research and innovative solutions to benefit growth and employment in Denmark.

Innovation Fund Denmark prioritises its international involvement within four frameworks:

  • Innovation Fund Denmark’s national programmes (Grand Solutions and InnoBooster)
  • Bilateral country collaborations (Brazil, India, China and Korea)
  • Targeted investments in small and medium-sized companies (Eurostars)
  • Societal challenges with considerable international perspectives which require an international effort. The primary engagement will be through collaborations in EU’s Horizon 2020 or other international forum such as The Nordic Council and EUREKA.

Provisional priorities for 2018
Innovation Fund Denmark will in 2018 participate in various thematic programmes in ERA-nets, JPND and bilateral collaborations within healthcare, biotech, energy and ICT solutions for the elderly. Innovation Fund Denmark is also planning bilateral collaborations with China, India and Brazil. In addition, Innovation Fund Denmark plans to participate in programmes chosen through dialogue with external stakeholders.          

In 2018 Innovation Fund Denmark has chosen to participate in a new Nordic collaboration on Personalised Medicine within the framework of NordForsk. The programme is dedicated to collaborations for development and test. Projects in these collaborations will have a duration of 3-4 years and the overall budget is expected to be approximately DKK 100 million.    

Innovation Fund Denmark also continues its activities within the Eurostars programme, dedicated to research intensive SMEs in all thematic areas. The programme is open for market-oriented development projects in all disciplines and themes, with the possibility of creating collaborations amongst 36 European countries and a few countries outside Europe.

Innovation Fund Denmark’s 2018 budget for bilateral collaborations, thematic programmes and Eurostars is DKK 150 million. In addition to the budget EU and NordForsk co-finance approximately DKK 50 million.

Current possibilities

New joint call with France, Netherlands and DoIT of Taiwan on Photonics.

South Korea and Denmark jointly announce a Promotional Call for Project Ideas within the Eurostars2 programme.