International collaborations

Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) participates in several international programmes aimed at promoting market-driven research and innovation, in which Danish companies and universities can apply for funding.  

The international programmes are linked to IFD’s national programmes and very much reflects IFD’s strategic impetus. The purpose is to develop knowledge and solutions that strengthen research and innovative solutions to benefit growth and employment in Denmark, and focus specifically on increasing research and innovation initiatives in small and medium-sized companies.

Innovation Fund Denmark prioritises its international involvement within four frameworks:

  • Innovation Fund Denmark’s national programmes (Grand Solutions og Innobooster)
  • Bilateral country collaborations (Brazil, India, China and Korea)
  • Targeted investments in small and medium-sized companies (Eurostars)
  • Societal challenges with considerable international perspective which cannot be solved nationally (f.ex. Horizon 2020 programmes)

Investment areas and current calls in 2017
So far in 2107, IFD participates in four thematic calls: ‘Neurodegenerative Diseases’, ‘Eletromobility’, ‘Quantum Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies’ and Strategic Collaboration in Food Science with Brazil.

For calls in ‘Non-thematic programmes‘ IFD is involved in EUREKA Turbo, a new research and innovation programme for large public-private partnerships. This is a collaboration with France, Austria, Spain and Finland with a 2017 budget of DKK 30m.

IFD also continues its activities with the Eurostars programme, which is dedicated to research intensive SMEs in all thematic areas. The programme is open for market-oriented development projects in all disciplines and themes, with the possibility of creating a collaboration amongst 34 European countries and a few countries outside Europe.

IFD distributes funds under the Danish Finance Act, which in 2017 is approximately DKK 120m for International collaborations, through calls throughout the year. The calls are published on