Investments overview

451 investments
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'Sund Hjerne' - Behandling af kognitive svækkelser med avanceret Brain+ hjernetræningsteknologi 2018 - 2021 Grand Solutions
3D-CT custom made HipCap implant for osteoarthritis 2020 - 2021 Innoexplorer
A clinical test to predict the success of assisted reproductive techniques 2017 - 2020 Industrial Researcher
A coherent approach to virtual assessments of structural robustness 2019 - 2022 Industrial Researcher
A molecular display platform for screening and direct selection of functionally active peptides 2019 - 2021 Industrial Researcher
A New Approach for Stability and Immunogenicity Assessment of Biopharmaceuticals 2019 - 2022 Industrial Researcher
A new cost-neutral injection pen as an alternative to syringes for the 12 million resource poor people buying insulin in vials though minimum feature innovation 2019 - 2020 Innofounder
A Novel Humanized Mouse Model of Psoriasis 2017 - 2022 Industrial Researcher
A platform for identification of fetal exposures to hormone-disrupting chemicals with lasting impact on male fertility and reproductive health 2018 - 2022 Grand Solutions
A quantitative proteomics screen in search for regulators of formation and clearance of neuropathological alpha-synuclein and tau aggregate 2018 - 2021 Industrial Researcher
A suite of bioinformatic tools to analyse multi-omics data of breast tumour interstitial fluids to discover arrays of biomarkers detectable in blood samples 2016 - 2019 Industrial Researcher
A unified registration-based tool for diverse quantitative analysis of medical images 2016 - 2020 Industrial Researcher
ABCAP 2020 - 2023 International collaborations
Ablactomab - et bioteknologisk alternativ til antibiotika i landbrugsgrise 2018 - 2019 Innobooster
Accelerating vaccine development through a deep learning and probabilistic programming approach to protein structure prediction 2019 - 2022 Industrial Researcher