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Organisational change in the Danish tax administration 2019 - 2022 Region Hovedstaden Industrial Researcher
E11504 MIRILUS - IRSee 2018 - 2019 Region Hovedstaden International collaborations
evRoaming4EU - Copenhagen Electric 2018 - 2020 Region Hovedstaden International collaborations
FreeBirds - Aarhus Universitet 2018 - 2021 Region Midtjylland International collaborations
Industrial PhD: Research in dementia Industrial Researcher e-f
Active & Assisted Living Programme (AAL) International collaborations int-s
InnoBooster InnoBooster Vi tager løbende imod ansøgninger i-b
Call for for projects on Artificial Intelligence & Quantum Technology International collaborations int-s
National Centre for Research in Digital Technologies Grand Solutions g-s
Circular Plastics Economy Grand Solutions g-s
Open Call Grand Solutions g-s
Digital technologies to boost competence levels Grand Solutions g-s
Drones and Robotics Grand Solutions g-s
InnoFounder - Experienced (Autumn) InnoFounder i-f
Industrial Postdoc in the public sector Industrial Researcher e-f
Industrial PhD in the public sector Industrial Researcher e-f
InnoFounder - Graduate (Autumn) InnoFounder i-f
Landdistriktsvækstpilot Landdistriktsvækstpilot Vi tager løbende imod ansøgninger e-s