MX Agency ApS 2019 - 2019 Region Midtjylland Innobooster
Development of the Multi-Level Damper for protecting buildings against all levels of vibrations 2019 - 2019 Region Hovedstaden Innobooster
Generering af repræsentativ biobank bestående af klinisk relevante Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P.a) isolater fra cystisk fibrose patienter til udvikling af multi-komponent vaccine 2019 - 2020 Region Hovedstaden Innobooster
DD-scan – AI-based language and multimedia bias checker for corporate communication content 2019 - 2019 Region Hovedstaden Innobooster
Innofounder - Graduate (Autumn) Innofounder i-f
Landdistriktsvækstpilot Landdistriktsvækstpilot Vi tager løbende imod ansøgninger e-s
InnoBooster Innobooster Vi tager løbende imod ansøgninger frem til 2. december kl. 12.00 i-b
Digitalisation of the Public Sector – Research and Innovation Projects International collaborations int-s
Call for Proposals - Strategic Research Collaboration in the State of São Paulo, Brazil and Denmark International collaborations int-s