Salary levels

Here you can find information on the minimum salary for Industrial Postdocs.

An Industrial Postdoc must receive at least the total salary (salary + pension) of a postdoc employed at a university. The AC collective agreement (DK: ‘AC-overenskomsten’) regulates salary levels for postdoc employees, whose salaries are determined in accordance with the collective agreement’s §4 and §8 and receive a fixed salary supplement of DKK 4,345,40 a month. Per 1 December 2017 the total monthly salary levels, incl. pension and supplement, are as follows, based on seniority:

Year 1, salary level 4: DKK 34,529.25

Year 2, salary level 4: DKK 34,529.25

Year 3, salary level 5: DKK 36,818.27

Year 4, salary level 6: DKK 38,905.87

Year 5, salary level 8: DKK 40,962.73

Salary seniority is determined by the period of time the postdoc employee has been employed with work that requires an academic education. Since a postdoc employee typically has at least 3 years of PhD employment already, they usually start on salary level 5 or above.

Industrial Researcher

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