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International Covid-19 Calls & Covid-19 calls in other countries

Denmark, The EU Commission and all other countries have on a record time opened dedicated Covid-19 calls. On this page you will find links to calls you as a Danish organisation can participate in as well as an overview over national calls, which depending on the call can be opened for foreign participation – often, however, only you the foreign partner is selffunded.


International Calls open for Danish participants:

  • EUREKA Call
    In the context of EUREKA IFD is participating in a Canadian lead multilateral call “COVID-19 Echo Period – Life without a vaccine” on applied research short term projects. Deadline for the application is the 15. May 2020.  Read more about the call here (link til vores hjemmeside)
  • EU-Commissions calls
    The EU Commission has opened many of its programmes for fast track Covid-19 calls. To facilitate the search for their Covid-19 related calls, the EU-Commission has opened a dedicated homepage on EU Covid-19 calls.  

National calls in other countries
45 states from Europe, Asia, South & North America and Africa are members of EUREKA. To inspire new projects and solutions the EUREKA Secretariat has opened a homepage with links to national programmes.