Life science, sundhed og velfærdsteknologi

Life science, health and welfare technology

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Innovation Fund Denmark supports Denmark's strong knowledge and research position within life science, health and welfare technology by investing in research and innovation projects that develop solutions and technologies that benefit citizens 'health, companies' bottom line and Denmark's international competitiveness.

The Foundation invests in challenge-driven health projects at all stages of the research and innovation value chain , which can drive future health, economic or societal developments forward.

Innovation Fund Denmark's investments may include contribute to:

  • new knowledge and development of new health and welfare technology.
  • streamlining public sector services.
  • improvements in prevention services and treatments in the primary and hospital sector as well as psychiatry.
  • Reducing health inequalities.

The fund's investments must also contribute to strengthening clinical research in Denmark for eg to support quality and efficiency in the health care system, good patient care and attracting foreign research investments to Denmark - with special focus on clinical research conducted at hospitals and other public research institutions , including independent and patient-centered clinical research.

The Foundation may also invest in clinical research that contributes to the development of:

  • personal medicine.
  • the digital health area, including the health data area.
  • artificial intelligence and increased virtual and technological use in connection with. conducting clinical trials.

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