Teknologi og innovation

Technology and innovation that contributes to developing production and creating jobs in Denmark

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Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and the utilization of technological opportunities and innovation that can contribute to creating growth and value in Denmark.

The fund's investments must create a breeding ground for Danish companies and foreign companies located in Denmark to develop products and new knowledge-based solutions that contribute to growth and employment in Denmark.

The investments can ia support the development of robot and drone technology and other automated production technology .

Innovation Fund Denmark also invests in projects that contribute to the development of the digital area, including artificial intelligence and digital transformation . This also applies to projects that create new knowledge about the significance of digitalisation for people and society or examine ethical and moral aspects of the new technological development and use of artificial intelligence in a Danish context.

The fund can also invest in projects that contribute to creating better and more gentle jobs in Denmark for the benefit of employees and companies' bottom line via eg research into physical, mental and chemical work environment or new forms of organization and business.

Read the agreement on the research reserve 2021

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