Åbent skilt

You can still contact Innovation Fund Denmark

In compliance with the directions of the Government and authorities in connection with Covid-19, all IFD employees have been sent home until (and including) Friday 27 March.

IFD strives to maintain operations.

IFDs main telephone number +45 6190 5000 is open and you can also contact IFD employees by mail and phone. However, longer response times are possible.

Find IFD employees here.

All face-to-face events (meetings, panel meetings, pitches etc) will be converted to virtual meetings wherever possible. Meetings that cannot be conducted by video or other digital means will be cancelled or postponed.

IFD management are reviewing potential consequences of this situation and updated information, particularly regarding applications and investments/grants, will be posted on the IFD website.

Updates on the situation can also be found in IFDs newsletter and via IFD on IFD on LinkedIn..