Grønne investeringer

Innomissions - Mission-driven green partnerships

Danish research and innovation must contribute to solving the big and difficult challenges that are crucial to achieving the government's climate goals for 2030 and 2050. Through research and innovation, we must develop the green technologies and solutions that will transform Denmark into a sustainable future, both in terms of climate and environment, as well as building knowledge, growth and employment.

With the agreement on the Finance Act 2021, the government has allocated DKK 700 million for investment in mission-driven green partnerships, which through high-level cooperation must translate the investment into green results and solutions within four green missions:


It is Innovation Fund Denmark's task to invest the DKK 700 million. DKK, in one or more partnerships during each mission. The partners' efforts must cover strategic research, capacity building, talent development and concrete project activities across the value chain. It is the Fund's task to ensure that Denmark gets the most value from the investment - both in terms of climate, environment, knowledge, talent development and business and jobs / growth.

The ambitious goals and challenges are not solved by individual initiatives or solutions. A completely new type of effort is needed with a focus on highly coordinated and focused research and development processes across disciplines. To succeed, the efforts must go across actors in the value chain from the small innovative technology company to researchers, authorities and the major buyers in the industry. Both in and outside Denmark.

Partnerships are a key element in setting and developing long-term strategies to achieve the set goals. Some of the results are created within the partnerships, but it is just as much about what the partnerships start in parallel with and after the project period. The strong partnership works on the basis of a focused roadmap and has a governance that ensures a long-term coordinated effort, where there is clarity about the roles and strong incentives to lift in groups and contribute competencies and funding.

Innovation Fund Denmark is in the process of developing processes for how to best offer the partnerships within the four missions. The challenges are different during each mission - just as there is a big difference in what it takes to reach the goal. It is the expectation that the process of developing roadmaps for each mission and possibly partnerships will be launched in February / March 2021.

Innovation Fund Denmark will at the end of January inform about the further process for the implementation of the green partnerships.