Flydende offshore vindenergi

DOE and Innovation Fund Denmark Announce Upcoming $4 Million Opportunity to Advance Floating Offshore Wind

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Innovation Fund Denmark and the US Department of Energy (DOE) announce a joint search option.


At a bilateral meeting on February 8 the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO) and Innovation Fund Denmark announced an intent to release a $4.2 million opportunity to advance floating offshore wind energy systems toward cost-effective commercialization and wide-scale deployment. This announcement builds on a Memorandum of Understanding between DOE, the Denmark Ministry of Higher Education and Science, the Denmark Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, and Innovation Fund Denmark signed in 2021.

Floating offshore wind energy will be a key contributor to national and global offshore wind deployment goals and the provision of clean energy to coastal cities. 


The chair of the Innovation Fund Denmark, Anders Eldrup, says about the collaboration:

"The climate challenge cannot be solved by one good idea or one company—or in one country. It requires many new initiatives and collaborations in different areas that point in the same direction. There is great potential for floating offshore wind technology to contribute to the green transition. Innovation Fund Denmark is highly dedicated to investing in ambitious and lasting green research and innovation initiatives, and is excited to give Danish and US research and innovation environments the opportunity to collaborate on finding novel solutions.

The search option is expected to be released to the fore.

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