Innovation Fund Denmark's specialist committee welcomes new members

Most of Innovation Fund Denmark's programs have specialist committees set up by the fund's board. In collaboration with Innovation Fund Denmark's secretariat, the specialist committees assess applications for the various programs and contribute here with professional expertise, experience from various sectors, an understanding of business development and a focus on the commercialization of knowledge and innovation.

In other words, the fund's expert committee plays a significant role in supporting Danish companies, startups and knowledge institutions in converting knowledge into economic growth and value for society - and thus helps to promote the innovative ideas that Denmark must live on in the future.


On January 1st 2023, Innovation Fund Denmark's board of directors has appointed a total of 19 new committee members who will contribute to the assessment work in four of the fund's six specialist committees.

The new members of the subject committees are the following:


The Professional Assessment Committee for Innobooster has been expanded with two new members:

The panel committee for Innobooster  

In addition, there have been changes in the front person:

  • Trine Winterø advances from deputy front person to front person
  • Natasha Friis Saxberg remains deputy front person
  • Christian Møller Dahl advances from ordinary member to deputy front person


The panel committee for Innoexplorer has been expanded with three new members:

In addition, Peter Kristensen has been re-appointed as front person.


The expert assessment committee for Innofounder has been expanded with four new members: