Mission-driven green partnerships intensify the focus on transversal collaboration

As part of the work to create mission-driven partnerships, the partnership directors for INNO-CCUS and MissionGreenFuels have visited a number of important stakeholders around the country together with Innovation Fund Denmark.


Dialogue, collaboration, interfaces and coordination are some of the key words to achieve Denmark's green missions.


Therefore, the two mission-driven green partnerships, INNO-CCUS and MissionGreenFuels, went on a joint two-day trip around the country on 8-9. February, with the aim of establishing good cooperation around the many initiatives and support opportunities that exist within CCUS and green fuels.

Innovation Fund Denmark facilitated the trip, and participated with a presentation on the Innomissions programme.

During the two days, the tour went around the Danish Business Authority, EUDP, CO2vision, Green Lab in Skive and Aalborg Portland.

- At the Danish Business Authority and the EUDP, there were good discussions about the Danish funding structure and the interaction between the various support programmes. There was agreement to ensure cooperation across the initiatives that materialize through the various programmes, independent of ministerial support. The mutual notification is the basis for reaching out and sharing relevant information. In this way, we can support each other and work towards our common goal of reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere as quickly as possible, says Carina Jensen, partnership director at MissionGreenFuels, which aims to phase out fossil fuels in transport and industry.

The Green Lab in Skive demonstrated how to intelligently utilize the synergies that exist between green energy, PtX and energy consumption in industry.

- It was inspiring to see how an industry cluster provides the opportunity to test both technologies and market development, says Carina Jensen.

In raw and industrial surroundings, it was also possible to get a concrete look at how the future is shaping up. Aalborg Portland is currently testing CO2 capture from their flue gas. The plant can capture 1 ton of CO2 per day. The relatively modest scale provides the opportunity to test several of the technologies of the future on a scale where experimentation can be carried out in a cost-effective manner. Only then can the catch be scaled up.

The consortium meeting at Co2Vision formed the framework for an enthusiastic dialogue between all parties.

- It became clear that the ongoing efforts in the area can gain a lot by keeping each other informed and coordinating efforts, both technologically and socially. Here, too, there was reason for mutual interest in each other's initiatives, and it is essential to accelerate the green transition quickly enough to achieve the climate goals, says Karina Marie Søgaard, partnership director for INNO-CCUS, whose aim is to ensure efficient capture and storage of CO2.

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