The World’s smallest power converter technology

Come and watch it demonstrated with lighting and IoT-applications.

January 19, 2018

The World’s smallest power converter technology 

– Come and watch it demonstrated with lighting and IoT-applications 
The TinyPower project team has for the past 3½ years worked on developing the World’s smallest power converters for IoT and lighting. These will be smaller, cheaper to manufacture, and will have a longer lifetime than traditional power supplies. 

The tiny power converters will take their place in intelligent buildings, and installations controlled by smartphones – and will lessen the need for big and bulky power supplies. They can also be used for motion sensors, alarm systems, thermostats, pumps, and other applications where size really matters. The novel power supplies are now ready to be displayed and demonstrated, as part of several different lighting solutions, including ordinary luminaires, Human-Centric Lighting solutions, and sensors. 

We hope you will come and watch the new power converters demonstrated, listen to talks on the development of a power converter made without the classic components – and the continued effort to make power converters even smaller. Meet the experts from all the parties in the TinyPower-consortium, a collaboration between scientists at Denmark’s Technical University and five companies: Niko-Servodan, Nordic Power Converters (NPC), IPU, SimpLight, Noliac and Viso Systems. Innovation Fund Denmark has invested in the project. 


“Welcome” by Jonatan Kutchinsky, Project manager, TinyPower

“Power Electronics in Denmark” by Michael A.E. Andersen, Professor and Deputy Head of Department, DTU Elektro

“GaN technology for energy efficient power electronics: Fabrication in a 200mm CMOS fab & Future trends” by Steve Stoffels, Device Engineer, IMEC

”System On Chip – Radio, Analogs and Digitals on one Chip for Low cost IoT products” by Cypress

“TinyPower - development of the world’s smallest power converter technology” by Arnold Knott, DTU and Mickey Madsen, NPC 

”Is it important to invest in power electronics?” by Tore Duvold, VP, Innovation Fund Denmark

Lunch – sandwich

“Lighting and luminaire design - challenges through the past decades” by Henrik Clausen, Director of Fagerhult Lighting Academy, Fagerhult

“Lighting design and requirements for modern lighting solutions” by Marcel Hubeli, Project Engineer, Bartenbach

Walk from building 101 to 325

Reception incl. demo and posters NPC 

Time and place

  • Thursday February 22nd at 9:30 AM – 6 PM
  • Denmark’s Technical University, Lyngby Campus, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

Sign up

  • Send a mail to Jonatan Kutchinsky:
  • Deadline is the 9. february