Q&A - Extension of the Innofounder Course

Who can apply for an Innofounder course extension?
You can apply for an extension if you complete/have completed your Innofounder course during the period January 2020 to March 2021. This applies to both Innofounder Graduate and Innofounder Experienced. All the founders of the team who was awarded the initial grant can apply. You cannot apply for funding to new team members.

How long extension can I apply for?
You can apply for an extension for up to six months.

What does the extension entail?
During the extension period, you will receive a monthly pay-out equal to the monthly subsidy of your original Innofounder course. The incubator course that is part of Innofounder Graduate will not be extended accordingly.

When can I apply for an extension?
You can apply for an extension at the earliest six months before the end of your original Innofounder course, and you must apply for an extension no later than 14 days before you wish to start up the extension period.

Can I apply for an increased special grant?
No. The present option only covers the monthly pay-out.

How do I apply?
Please familiarise yourself with the above, the call material and the general Innofounder guidelines.

Go to www.e-grant.dk via your original grant.

Go to change request ‘Application for extension of Innofounder course due to the COVID-19 crisis’.

Fill out the application form which you will find on our website.

Submit the change request, and we will process your application as soon as possible. Remember to attach the application form in PDF format to the change request.

When can I submit an application?
Innovation Fund Denmark opens for applications for an extension of the Innofounder course on Thursday, 7 May.

All grant holders who have the opportunity to apply for an extension are being/have been notified directly by Innovation Fund Denmark via E-grant during week 19.