See the application deadline for the upcoming quantum call

Innovation Fund Denmark announces the application deadline and webinar for the upcoming quantum technology call under Grand Solutions.


Innovation Fund Denmark will open e-grant for applications on August 10th, 2023, with an application deadline October 5th 2023. This new funding opportunity in the field of quantum technology will be a modified Grand Solutions call.

The quantum technologies call will offer funding for both foundational quantum research (in Danish ”Grundlagsskabende forskning”) and partnerships with companies in all quantum technology fields - from hardware and materials to software and algorithms. The aim is to mature both research and industry, ensuring a solid foundation for application-oriented research and innovation, and eventual commercialization of Danish quantum technology.

Applications will have to follow standard Grand Solutions guidelines, with some major changes:

  • In this specific call, the 75% cap on total project funding has been raised to an up to 90% project-funding rate. The funding rate follow State Aid rules and a projects funding rate will depend on the mix of partners. E.g., if a project only consists of university partners the funding rate can reach up to 90%. This enables companies and research institutions to, respectively, be able to get the maximum State Aid funding rates, 75% and 90%, in the same project depending on the nature of the research and project activities.
  • Projects are not required to have industry participation.
  • Projects can be at the very low TRL levels. For projects containing technologies at a low TRL level (2-3), there is a requirement for a clear description of the application- and possible commercial potential in the long term, as well as how the results will impact and progress current or future Danish positions of strength within quantum technology.

Call-text and updated guidelines will be made public no later than August 10th 2023.


E-grant opens: August 10th, 2023

Application deadline: October 5th, 2023, 12.00 PM, CEST

Project duration: 1-5 years

Total budget: Minimum 116.3 mill. DKK.

Investment per project: from 5 mill. DKK to 40 mill. DKK.

Webinar: August 18th 13.00 PM – 15.00 PM, CEST