Closed for applications

Sino-Danish Bilateral call collaboration 2021 - ‘Green Transition’

Bilateral collaboration between Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Innovation Fund Denmark.


Projects are highly encouraged to include non-academic partners such as private enterprises, GTS-institutes, other public organisations etc. as partners in the application.


Call topics: Capture and storage or use of CO2. Green fuels for transportation and industry (Power-to-X, etc.). Climate- and environment-friendly agriculture and food production. Circular economy with a focus on plastics and textiles.

How much?

The Danish side (Innovation Fund Denmark - IFD) will allocate a total of 15 million DKK and the Chinese side (MoST) will allocate a total of 20 million RMB to support 4-5 joint research and innovation projects. The duration of the projects are expected to be up to 3 years for both sides. IFDs can co-fund up to € 300,000 per Danish partner and a maximum of € 500,000 to all Danish partners if two or more Danish partners participate in the application.

Important dates
Tuesday 31th of March 2021
Joint announcement date
21th of May at 12:00 pm.
The proposal must be submitted to both MOST and IFD
November 2021
Selection of Full Proposals to be funded
From January 2021
Start of funded projects

Call conditions

Evaluation criteria

Submitted proposals will be evaluated according to national procedures and criteria. Furthermore, emphasis will be on the special bilateral criteria listed below:

  • The projects should have a plan for implementation, and participation from both Chinese and Danish companies is strongly encouraged.
  • Inclusion of public partners (municipalities, local authorities etc.) as well as other relevant stakeholders is strongly encouraged.
  • Innovativeness in project proposal.
  • The projects are expected to address their contribution to the SDG’s especially sustainability and climate.
  • The proposed research and innovation projects should be well integrated on the Chinese and Danish side.
  • Research and innovation activities of importance to the expected outcome should be conducted on both sides and that the project activities should be evenly distributed among Chinese and Danish researchers from research institutions and companies.
  • Synergy effects and added-value to ongoing research within the field including Sino-Danish research and innovation projects is considered important.

Application form

The Danish coordinator must register on e-grant and fill in IFDs standard application form on behalf of all Danish participants and the rest of the consortium. The Chinese coordinator will similarly fill in the national Chinese application form. 

The Danish application must include a description of the full project. I.e. both the Chinese and the Danish part of the project. The distribution of work in the work packages should also reflect the joint efforts of the Chinese and Danish partners. In appendix C of the application all Chinese and Danish key persons competences, motivation and commitment should be presented. Appendix C also include one-page CVs for the key persons.

Eligible Costs

Eligible cost-categories for Danish partners: Salary, Travel, Subcontracting, Materials, Communication and knowledge sharing, ‘Other expenses’ and overhead.

Funding rates for Danish partners in international programmes (PDF) 

Requirements for Danish SMEs

  • Danish participants must be registered as legal entities with economic and actual activities taking place in Denmark. The activities funded through IFD must be conducted in Denmark;
  • A SME must be an SME according to the EU definition for and it must not be “an undertaking in difficulty” according to EU 'state aid rules.

Danish contact persons (IFD):

Sune Dalgaard Ebbesen
Phone: +45 6190 5030