Application deadline: 3 April 2020 at 12:00 CET and 14 April 2020 at 12:00 CET

Extraordinary Grand Solutions call: COVID-19



How much?

Application deadline:
3 April 2020 at 12:00 CET and 14 April 2020 at 12:00 CET

Opens for applications
In the middle of week 14.

Budget for this call:
DKK 50 mill.

Note: To ensure quick processing of applications, we encourage the applicants with early and purely research-based projects to apply at other funds with urgent proposals, e.g. Lundbeckfonden or Novo Nordisk Fonden. Innovation Fund Denmark focuses on projects with corporate partners or projects aimed more near-to-market.

OBS: Here you can find the most frequently asked questions - and answers - about the COVID-19 call (in Danish).

Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) invests in ambitious and targeted strategic research and innovation projects that create new solutions, technologies and valuable new knowledge. IFD is willing to share a risk with the project partners when the knowledge level, value creation, project efficiency and implementation of results are correspondingly high.


IFD’s objective for this thematic Grand Solutions call, with a very fast assessment process, is to support research and innovation projects at companies, universities or other public or private research institutions that specifically aim to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on citizens, the healthcare system or the social economy by means of diagnosis, management and/or treatment.

We are looking for the good ideas and knowledge-based and interdisciplinary innovation projects that have a tangible effect in Denmark and/or globally in the short term.

Investment strategy

Denmark is currently facing major challenges related to the rapidly global and national spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). It is furthermore expected, that the epidemic may hit Denmark in several waves within the next year.

Effective solutions are wanted to  reduce the harm to the population, healthcare system, businesses and the social economy and/or create value in society or in companies.

Therefore, targeted projects to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 coronavirus (COVID-19) must be able to be launched immediately and potentially produce significant impact nationally or globally within a short time frame.

It is crucial that the project partners themselves are able to deliver the result to the market or ensure implementation - or have identified investors who can invest in or take over the project after IFD’s investment period.

IFD is also positive towards projects that focus on broad value creation for society in dealing with the current COVID-19 crisis. In addition to health science and technology projects, IFD also invites humanities and social science projects that can contribute valuable knowledge related to e.g. behaviour, incentives, regulation and market conditions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in Denmark.

Innovation projects within the COVID-19 call may support, among other things, the UN's World Sustainable Development Goals # 3: Good Health and Well-being.

Assessment criteria

The overall assessment criteria are:

  • Excellence - Quality of research and innovation
  • Value creation
  • Efficiency of project execution
  • Implementation of results

Specifically, applications will be assessed on the project's qualities in terms of research and innovation globally in relation to the specific needs of the COVID-19 crisis, state-of-the-art, directly competing or closely related scientific or technological solutions, scalability of the solution, technical, regulatory and market risks, project risk management and project feasibility.

Applicant does not need to explain in detail the size of the crisis. In this call, we are particularly focused on specific solutions.

In connection with applications for the Grand Solutions COVID-19 call, value creation is broadly understood as targeted activities that reduce the adverse effects of COVID-19 in Denmark and globally, including e.g.development of new treatments, prevention, products, emergency management and services. In the application, the partners must explain the specific value creation in the project.

Great importance is particularly attached to efficiency and development speed. In addition, efficient use of invested resources, managerial and professional skills and subsequent effective implementation of the project's results nationally and/or globally will be carefully assessed.

It will also be emphasized that the project's beneficiaries/end-users and core stakeholders either help in shaping the project, participate in the project or are otherwise directly involved in the project.

It will be considered a strength, if the project does not unnecessarily remove critical resources from the current COVID-19 contingency, and an advantage if the project's solution can be applied to other disease areas and globally.

It will be advantageous if the project, in addition to being able to reduce the effects of COVID-19, can also offer a general preparedness for the next time a global epidemic hits Denmark.

IFD would like foreign organisations with experience with Covid-19 treatment to be included in the project.

The value creation in the project will be assessed in relation to the size of the investment. In this call, IFD is willing to take an extra scientific and technological risk, if efficiency and development speed, implementation and impact for Denmark and globally are correspondingly greater.

The project must comply with applicable legislation, including that the project obtains statutory approvals. For example, health science research projects must be approved by a health research ethics committee, and clinical trials of human drugs and clinical trials of medical devices must also be approved by the Danish Medicines Agency. In addition, the use of health data for research must be approved by the data authority, and the use of patient record information for research must be approved by the Danish Agency for Patient Safety.

Please note that while the application form via e-grant offers the opportunity to provide very detailed information and explanations, applicants are encouraged to be as concise and accurate as possible, as this will also reflect the urgent and serious societal problem that is being solved. It is not necessary to describe general needs. However, the emphasis is on choice of solution and methods, value creation, efficiency and implementation.

In addition to these assessment criteria, please refer to "Guidelines for Grand Solutions" (published 12 December 2019). Allocation of funds is based on the Finance Act 2020.

Deviations from "Guidelines for Grand Solutions".

1. Applications are not submitted in international peer review, and applicants are not invited to interview at IFD.

2. Deviation from section 5.2 of the guidelines:

For investments exceeding DKK 5 million the IFD investment is conditional on the project partners ability to  enter into an investment agreement IFD on the project's planning as soon as possible and within 10 days from a written invitation to investment negotiation. For projects with multiple project partners, it is a requirement that the project participants have entered into a collaboration agreement within 10 days of the date of conclusion of the investment agreement. For investments under DKK 5 million the investment is granted by letter of approval.

Assessment process

Applications for this Grand Solutions call must be submitted via e-grant (, IFD’s application system. The assessment process is outlined below. It is a single-phase application.

Time line:

  • The Board of Directors' decision on either rejection or invitation to negotiate an investment agreement is notified to the applicant via e-grant.
  • Project start as soon as possible after a short negotiation period.

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International Coordination:

Jens Peter Vittrup
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