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Open Call

Grand Solutions: Typical duration 2-5 years
2019 budget: approx. DKK 150 mill.

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in ambitious and targeted strategic research and innovation projects that creates new solutions, technologies and valuable new knowledge.

Innovation Fund Denmark is willing to share the risk with the project partners, when the level of knowledge, value creation, project efficiency and implementation of the results is correspondingly high.


IFD's objective within the “open call” is to invest in projects with the brilliant idea with great potential for value creation and to strengthen unusual and value-creating research and innovation projects – regardless professional disciplines, themes and not limited by past or present theme specific Grand Solutions calls.

Investment Areas

IFD invests in projects at all stages of the research and innovation value chain. Thus, IFD invests in both the good project that lacks the final steps to make it ready for successful introduction to the market or for implementation and in the early strategic research project where targeted efforts and cooperation with the most competent international and/or Danish partners from relevant professional disciplines are crucial.

IFD's investments often do not take a project all the way through the value chain. Therefore, it is crucial that the project partners themselves have the ability to lift the result onto the market or ensure implementation - or have investors who can invest in or take over the project after IFD’s investment period.

IFD also favours projects with focus on increased private or public productivity within e.g. administrative, service and financial disciplines and is positive toward e.g. new, disruptive or unconventional business models that will ensure the value creation of the project.

Assessment Criteria

The overall assessment criteria are:

  • Excellence - Quality of research and innovation
  • Value creation during and after the project period
  • Efficiency of project execution
  • Implementation of results

In connection with applications for the Grand Solutions 2019 "open call", value creation is to be understood in broad terms as targeted activities that lead to increased growth and employment through e.g. development of new products and services, creation of more and more intelligent jobs, increased productivity, fewer societal costs, reduced resource consumption or environmental impact as well as to solutions to major societal problems.

The partners must account for the specific and preferably quantitative value creation of the project. Value creation should not be understood as just monetary value, but may also be e.g. increased quality of life, cleaner environment, etc. It is the applicant's responsibility to account for the different types of value creation.

From IFD's side, great emphasis will be the potential of the project to create measurable value for Denmark and the Danish society. The project potential must be significant and result in new solutions or products, e.g. by development and use of new unconventional business models, methods, smart regulations, etc.

Specifically, the applications will be assessed based on the qualities of the project in terms of research and innovation in a global perspective in relation to an articulated or latent need, state-of-the-art, directly competing or closely related scientific or technological solutions, the scalability of the solution, technical, regulatory and market risks, the risk management of the project plan as well as feasibility.

In addition, the development rate, the effective use of invested resources, managerial and professional skills and the subsequent effective implementation of the project results nationally and/or globally will be carefully assessed. The value creation of the project will be assessed in relation to the size of the investment.

Likewise, it will be emphasised that the project's beneficiaries/end-users and core stakeholders contribute to the formation of the project, participate in the project or are otherwise directly involved in the project, e.g. through investments.

In addition to the above assessment criteria, reference is made to “Guidelines for Grand Solutions”. Allocation of funds will be made on the basis of the 2019 Finance Act.

Selected projects are invited to interviews taking place in October 2019. Applications not invited for interviews and thereby rejected will be notified at the end of September. Final decision on the application is notified at the end of November 2019 with project start in Q1 2020.

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Grand Solutions

Scientific Officer Peter Aadal Nielsen
Phone: 6190 5064

Scientific Officer Thomas Mathiasen
Phone: 6190 5063

Senior Scientific Officer Lars Winther
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Senior Scientific Officer Michael Adsetts Edberg Hansen
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