Application deadline

Industrial PhD

Applying for an Industrial PhD project

The application is submitted via the system e-grant. In the application template you will be asked to enter information about the project and the project participants and upload a number of appendices in  PDF format, e.g the project description. You can find a printout of the application form below.

Please note: It must be the company supervisor of the project who starts the application. Afterwards the company supervisor will be able to let others work on the application in the system.

These appendices must always be uploaded with the application:

  • A project description (including descriptions of the company and the university)
  • CV for each supervisor, max. two pages
    • CV for company supervisors must state educations
    • CV for university supervisors must include a list of selected publications
  • Signatures
  • CV and complete exam diplomas for the Industrial PhD (both the Master’s degree and the Bachelor’s degree)
  • If the education is Danish: A filledin grade calculation form
  • If the education is nonDanish: Documentation for the ranking  of the candidate in the graduation class for the study program for the master’s and bachelor’s degrees combined

Please use the templates below for the project description, the grade calculation and signatures. Below you can also find a FAQ about the calculation of the grade point average.

Private companies may apply without a candidate. If the projects is approved you must find a candidate afterwards. If you apply without an Industrial PhD candidate you must upload empty appendices instead of appendices with the candidate information.