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An Industrial Postdoc project has the purposes to educate and develop researcher talents into industrial researchers, to contribute to business-oriented innovation and development in Denmark and to strengthen collaboration between Danish companies and research institutions in Denmark and abroad.


Collaboration between a private company, a research institution and an Industrial Postdoc candidate.


Co-financing the company’s expenses for the candidate’s salary and travel activities as well as the research institution’s expenses for the project.

How much?

Up to DKK 22,000 per month to the Industrial Postdoc candidate’s salary and up to DKK 2,500 for the company’s expenses for the candidate’s travel activities. Up to DKK 10,000 (incl. overhead) per month to cover the research institution’s project relevant expenses.

Industrial Postdoc
What is an Industrial Postdoc?

An Industrial Postdoc is an industrially focused research project of one to three years carried out in a company by a researcher who has obtained a PhD degree within the past five years.

The Industrial Postdoc is employed full-time by the company, and the project is conducted in collaboration with a public sector research institution. The Industrial Postdoc divides their working time between the company and the research institution according to the project’s needs. The company and the research institution both assign a mentor to the Industrial Postdoc.

The project can be within any research field, as long as the project is of high research quality and has direct or indirect short- or long-term commercial significance and effect.

Industrial Postdoc a is one of Innovation Fund Denmark’s Industrial Researcher programmes and contributes to the Fund’s overall purpose of creating growth and employment in Denmark and to solve to societal challenges.

The Industrial Researcher Programme has the following specific purposes:

  • To educate and develop researcher talents into industrial researchers
  • To contribute to business-oriented innovation and development in Denmark
  • To strengthen collaboration between Danish companies and universities/research institutions in Denmark and abroad

The Fund finances part of the Industrial Postdoc’s salary and travel expenses as well as the research institution’s expenses for the mentor, equipment and other project related expenses.

Guidelines for Industrial Postdoc projects

The Guidelines for Industrial Postdoc is the document that establishes the terms for Industrial Postdoc application, project structure and financing. You can find the guidelines down below

How do I apply?

You start an application under 'Search options' in e-grant.

In the application template you will be asked to enter information about the project and the project participants and upload a number of appendices in PDF format, e.g the project description.

It must be the company mentor of the project who starts the application. Afterwards the company mentor will be able to let others work on the application in the system.

Please note: The application deadline is at 12 noon.


These appendices must always be uploaded with the application:

  • A project description (including descriptions of the company and the university)
  • A project budget for the university (the budget for the company is stated in the egrant form)
  • CV for each mentor, max.  two pages. CV for research mentor must list selected publications and ORCID.
  • Signatures
  • CV for the Industrial Postdoc (if the candidate is named, otherwise you must upload empty pdf files)

The candidate's PhD diploma or a statement from the PhD supervisor declaring the submission and successfull defend of the PhD within eight months from the application deadline.

Please use the templates below for the project description, the budget for the research institution and signatures.

You may apply without a candidate. If the projects is approved you must find a candidate within 6 months after the conditional approval. If you apply without an candidate you must upload empty pdf files instead of appendices with the candidate information.


An Industrial Postdoc must receive at least the total salary (salary + pension) of a postdoc employed at a university in Denmark. The AC collective agreement (DK: ‘AC-overenskomsten’) regulates salary levels for postdoc employees, whose salaries are determined in accordance with the collective agreement’s §4 and §8.

Per 1 April 2020 the total monthly salary levels, incl. pension and supplement, are as follows, based on seniority:

  • Year 1, salary level 4: DKK 36.015
  • Year 2, salary level 4: DKK 36.015
  • Year 3, salary level 5: DKK 38.403
  • Year 4, salary level 6: DKK 40.580
  • Year 5, salary level 8: DKK 42.726

Salary seniority is determined by the period of time the postdoc employee has been employed with work that requires an academic education. Since a postdoc employee typically has at least 3 years of PhD employment already, they usually start on salary level 5 or above.

The collectively agreed salary is a minimum salary. As an Industrial Postdoc, you can negotiate a higher salary. In general you should view your Industrial Postdoc employment like any other type of employment with regard to negotiating employment terms. This means that you can also negotiate holidays, paternal leave etc. As a minimum, the employment must be on terms for salaried employees (DK: funktionærbetingelser). Also note that any non-competition clauses or similar in the employment contract must not limit the Industrial Postdoc’s possibilities for employment elsewhere.

We advise you to seek consultation on the salary level with an HR specialist or with a union within the sector and the above salary levels are indicative.

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