Are you employed at a public research and educational institution or at a hospital and have created a research result with commercial or societal potential, where there is a need for clarification or maturity before it is ready for the market?

What is Innoexplorer?

Innoexplorer is a grant to employees at public research and educational institutions and hospitals who have created a research result with commercial potential, but where the result is still at a pre-commercial stage, and where clarification or maturity is therefore required to establish whether it can be further developed in preparation for commercial or societal exploitation.

Who can apply?

To apply for Innoexplorer you must:

  • be employed at a Danish public hospital or a public research and educational institution and conduct research in connection with your employment.
  • have produced research results or new knowledge that might potentially be used commercially or in society at large.

You may apply by yourself or as part of a team.

You must not have an already established company based on the knowledge or the result that form the basis for the project. Also, you may not establish such a company for the duration of the project.

How much can you apply for?

You may apply for between DKK 500,000 and DKK 1,500,000 (incl. overhead).

The project may last up to 12 months.

Innovation Fund Denmark pays the grant to the institution where you are employed. The institution will pay out the grant to you and your project.

What must the grant be spent on?

The following activities may be included in the project:

  • Uncovering potential applications.
  • Enhancing the commercial potential or societal perspectives of the invention.
  • Reducing specific risk elements.
  • Prototype testing.
  • Preparing a business case.
  • Establishing teams and partnerships for further business development.

The grant covers expenses for employees' salaries, project-related costs as well as other expenses for e.g. consulting services.

The grant will be paid to the institution where you are employed. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for applying that the institution is involved in the application process and evaluates that the project and the knowledge or the result that is being worked on have a high quality and a great potential.

Please note that your institution may have internal deadlines and procedures.

Requirements for the project
We evaluate your project according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of research, development and innovation
    High quality innovation, development and research.
  • Business potential and value creation
    The idea will eventually result in a commercial product or benefit the society in some other way.
  • Financial efficiency
    The investment in the project is in line with the expected potential and project-associated risks.
  • Implementation
    The team has the right skills to successfully implement the project, and there is a clear plan to translate the idea into practice.
Innoexplorer Innoexplorer i-e 1188
Innoexplorer Innoexplorer i-e 1188
This is how you apply

1. Contact the contact person at your institution
Before you begin your application, you must enter into a dialogue with your contact person. Together you must find out whether you should proceed with your application.

Find your contact person.

Be aware that your institution may have internal procedures and deadlines - often one month before the Innoexplorer deadline.

2. Submit an application
Generate your application in the electronic application system E-grant.
We do not open applications in E-grant until three weeks prior to the application deadline.

The application must include the following:

  • Application form (in E-grant)
  • Presentation (PowerPoint, max. 15 slides)
  • Abstract/overview (max. 2000 entries)
  • Budget (template)
  • Support statement (template)

We strive to respond to your application 6-8 weeks after the application deadline.

3. Present your project to a panel

If you are selected to present your project to an expert panel, you must prepare a 10-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes for questions from and dialogue with the panel.

The panel consists of people with experience in research, development, innovation, business development and entrepreneurship. List with names of the members on the panel. 

We strive to respond to your application within 14 days following your presentation.

The panel is subject to confidentiality.

Application deadlines and panelmeetings


Deadline: 30 August 2019, at noon.
Panelmeetings: Week 40 (30 September – 4 October 2019).

Deadline: 1 November 2019, at noon.
Panelmeetings: Week 49 (2-6 December 2019).


Deadline: 5 February 2020, at noon.
Panelmeetings: Week 12

Deadline: 22 April, at noon.
Panelmeetings: Week 22

Deadline: 26 August, at noon.
Panelmeetings: Week 39

Deadline: 28 October, at noon
Panelmeetings: Week 49

Contact persons and authorized signatories at institutions



Authorized signatory:
Karen Laigaard,, +45 3532 7054

Contact person:
Hanne Junker Elmelund,, +45 3059 0854 



Authorized signatory:
Anette Poulsen Miltoft,, +45 8715 3238

Contact person:
Morten Holmager, +45 9350 8718,



Authorized signatory and contact person:
Thomas Schmidt,, +45 6550 7547


Authorized signatory:
Lene Lillebro,, +4546742332

Contact Person:
Robert Pederson,, +4546743859



Authorized signatory:
Peter Rasmussen,, +45 9940 9335

Contact person:
Jens Frede Rasmussen,, +45 9940 7189



Authorized signatory:
Peter Sylvest Nielsen,, +45 6172 8995

Contact person:
Michael Persson,, +45 6054 4031



Authorized signatory and contact person:
Nikolaj Burmeister,, +45 3815 2684



Authorized signatory:
Jens Christian Godskesen,, +45 7218 5276

Contact person:
Lene Dahl Prahm,, +45 7218 5159



Authorized signatory:
Mads Melbye, Tlf. 32683163

Contact person:
Michael Andersson,, +45 3268 8399 



Authorized signatory:
Awaits clarification

Contact person:
Awaits clarification



Authorized signatory:
Awaits clarification

Contact person:
Awaits clarification


University Colleges


Authorized signatory:
Lene Mosegaard Søberg,, 7266 5228

Contact person:
Jesper von Seelen,, +45 7266 5257



Authorized signatory:
David Mayntz,, +457269 0327

Contact person:
Lone Varn Johannsen,, +45 7269 0794



Authorized signatory:
Kathrine Krageskov Eriksen,, +45 7248 2646

Contact person:
Signe Bodil Nipper Nielsen,, +45 7248 2633


Authorized signatory:
Søren Pedersen,, +45 2993 6710

Contact person:
Kristian Mondrup,, +45 4020 7444


Authorized signatory:
Andreas Rasch-Christensen,, +45 8755 1712

Contact person:
Erik Løvgren Brejner,, +45 8755 4411



Authorized signatory:
Tobias Lindeberg,, +45 45 5163 2570

Contact person:
Karina Skov Lisberg,, +45 5138 0547



Region Capital

Authorized signatory:
Diana Arsovic, +45 4143 0076

Contact person:
Karin Kindt-Larsen,, +45 2714 1444 

Region Zealand

Authorized signatory:
Mahad Mussa Huniche,, +45 5787 5283

Contact person:
Bo Borg Mikkelsen,, +45 9357 7617

Region Southern Denmark

Authorized signatory:
Head of department

Contact person:
Awaits clarification

Region Central Jutland

Authorized signatory:
Jørgen Schøler Kristensen,, +45 2016 3201

Contact person:
Dorte Dalhoff,, +45 7845 0508

Region Northern Jutland

Authorized signatory:
Søren Pihlkjær Hjortshøj,

Contact person:
Gitte Wimmer,


Contact at Innovation Fund Denmark

Pernille Maj Svendsen, Programme Officer
Phone: 61 90 50 41